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Posted on Saturday 19th of August 2023
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Friday night was interesting as an older friend (64) who was camping overnight let slip that he had been stalking me on FAB (a swingers site). Afterwards @cat and I discussed if I should have blown him to cheer him up. Opportunity passed by...

Yes in hindsight I was a little disappointed not to get pestered for sex. Too many couples - and the only single guys did not hang around for the lock in & private party afterwards. A few guys with partners were obviously interested but none panned out be PolyAm or Swingers.

But I had a lot of fun flirting and of playing hard to get with the two "wrong uns" (they are still my friends but hate each other) that just wanted to shag anything. Not worried as they both got off with different drunk girls on multiple nights.

So after we had set up on Friday I thought I would christen the festival with a rooftent session with @cat ... fun fun There is something very naughty about shagging in a rooftent when others are around.

During the evening he went back to the Land Rover to rest up - so I thought it would be fun to wake him up and we had another good fuck. I went on top and rode him - proper cowgirl. He is slowly warming to me being in control. I still have this fantasy of him giving a guy a blowjob....

The evening wore on, bar shut but the private party was a bit quiet so I thought an early night be a good idea. I was still wet from our last session, and it wasn't long before he was doing me again on all fours. He really is a filthy bastard, zero foreplay, and he loves to stretch me, he is relentless until I collapse. But this is what I want - to be taken and used like some slut - but only by him, not others.

Sleep washed over me quickly. I had lubricated myself copiously to avoid issues as I knew we had only just started...

The pattern had developed for the weekend - I was giving fuck off vibes out to the abusers, and the rest had disappeared without trace. Which leaves @cat to follow up behind and sort things out. He is a very strange man, he is hung like a donkey, likes to turn women down, but he knows how to press my buttons like no other - scary. He often used to take the blue tabs with others, but I find it too big,

So this may read a bit like a railway timetable but he screwed me 6 times on the Saturday, 0840, 0915, 1445, 1730, 0045, & 0200 - plus he frigged me off to orgasm with his thumb. My brain releases encephalins & endorphins leaves me on a high for ages. The last time he put a condom on so he could empty his load in me again - this is my high point as it feels amazing as it swells and I have to hold my breath knowing the wave will subside shortly. Now that is what I call fucked....

The sunday was a lot more relaxed affair - just 3 shags - but the quality was amazing. The first was outside in our awning, the second was in the shower block. I love to have risky sex in public. Such a turn on.

The Third was rather a long affair at 0245 in the morning - I asked if I could get drunk and he look after me. I told him when I get back I will want it really rough and to ignore any cry for mercy. He stopped me drinking and got me back to tent in good time, I was walking easily and wished I had stayed longer and drunk more. Sex and alcohol do not mix other than in a caring & loving relationship. I wanted to be taken, to be treated roughly and used - the alcohol heightens the pleasure for me and allows me to be a different person - a nymphomaniac - my alter ego.

He then subjected me to a rather amazing session that culminated in him putting a condom on and finishing off in me. I was screaming for him to stop - thank god our pre-agreement was honoured - I need this unrestricted sex - I don't ever want him to stop (he has done on occaisons). Any description would pale into insignificance - so enjoy some clips from the vids.

Monday morning came too quickly and we were up between the rain showers packing the rooftent away and leaving. I was disappointed we didn't have time for a morning shag but I should have known better. As we get near home and were on target to catch the train, he pulls over into a layby and suggests I sit on him. God knows what the tractor driver thought as he pulled infront to go collect his bacon butty. Two rabbits going at it first thing on a monday morning - in full view in the front of a landrover. The traffic driving past in both directions, my head crumpled onto the windscreen as he lifts my bottom up and down to assist our last fuck for a while.

All in all what a different weekend. I will miss the attention from @cat and the others.

Lucyfer xxx

I will be uploading some short clips & stills to my new BentBox account - so please bear with me.

Don't forget to let me know what you think.

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