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Welcome to the AdultFolio modelling and photography tips, articles and guides section. Our knowledgable and experienced members regularly post up their guides as well as hints and tips for you to browse - all for free!

Whether you're a newcomer to modelling photography or just looking for tips to progress, you're in the right place. And don't forget to leave your feedback on the bottom of each guide with your own hints and tips!

What is Model Mayhem?

Model Mayhem is an online community and social networking platform that caters primarily to professionals and enthusiasts in the modelling and photography industries. It serves as a space where models, photographers, makeup artists, stylists, and other creative professionals can connect,..

What is Purple Port?

Purple Port is an online platform and community specifically designed for individuals in the creative and modelling industries. It serves as a networking hub and portfolio hosting website primarily for models, photographers, makeup artists, stylists, and other creative professionals. Purple..

How to create a modelling portfolio

In today's digital age, aspiring models are increasingly turning to the internet as a powerful platform to kickstart their careers and showcase their talents. Whether you dream of becoming a fashion model, a glamour model, or specializing in a niche..

What is a model release form?

A model release form is a legal document often used in photography to obtain permission from a model or subject to use their image for commercial or promotional purposes, or further define how content may or may not be used...

How to start modelling online

Getting into online modelling can be a great way to build a career in the modelling industry, as it offers many opportunities for exposure, creative expression, and financial success. Here are some steps you can take to get started in..

What does POV mean

POV stands for "point of view" in porn, and it refers to a genre of adult film where the viewer sees the action from the perspective of one of the performers, as if they are the one having sex with..

What is Glamour Modelling

Glamour modelling is a style of modelling that focuses on the model's physical attractiveness and sex appeal. It often involves posing in revealing clothing or lingerie, with the aim of creating an alluring and seductive image.The history of glamour modelling..

How to write a casting call for models

So, you’ve come up with your next killer idea for a shoot. Now, you need to know how to write a casting call to find models. So, what do you do? Your casting call needs to excite, it..

What is TFP?

TFP, or “Time for Prints”, is where is a term used within the online modelling world. The term is a very common type of agreement whereby the model will pose for the photographer and in return the photographer will provide..

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