What is Model Mayhem?

What is Model Mayhem?
Posted on Sunday 17th of September 2023
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Model Mayhem is an online community and social networking platform that caters primarily to professionals and enthusiasts in the modelling and photography industries. It serves as a space where models, photographers, makeup artists, stylists, and other creative professionals can connect, collaborate, and promote their work. Model Mayhem offers several features and functionalities to facilitate networking and collaboration within the industry. Here are some key aspects of Model Mayhem:

  • Portfolio Hosting: Members can create and maintain digital portfolios to showcase their work. Models can display their photos, measurements, and experience, while photographers can showcase their portfolios. This allows professionals to display their talents and attract potential collaborators.
  • Casting Calls: Users can post casting calls or respond to them. Casting calls are job listings for modelling, photography, and related creative projects. This feature helps professionals find models, photographers, makeup artists, and other talents for specific projects.
  • Forums and Discussions: Model Mayhem has an active online community where members can participate in forums and discussions. These forums cover a wide range of topics related to the industry, including photography techniques, modelling tips, and career advice.
  • Event Listings: Members can browse and promote events such as workshops, photo shoots, and modelling conventions. This feature helps individuals find opportunities to participate in or host industry-related events.
  • Networking: The platform provides tools for networking, allowing professionals to connect with others in their field. Users can send messages, friend requests, and follow other members to stay updated on their work and activities.
  • Subscription Plans: Model Mayhem offers both free and premium subscription plans. Premium subscribers typically have access to enhanced features, greater visibility within the platform, and the ability to apply to more casting calls.

Model Mayhem has been a popular platform for individuals in the modelling and photography industries to network, collaborate on creative projects, and expand their professional networks. It has played a significant role in connecting professionals, enabling them to find opportunities, share their work, and further their careers in these fields.

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