What is TFP?

What is TFP?
Posted on Tuesday 19th of February 2019
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TFP, or “Time for Prints”, is where is a term used within the online modelling world. The term is a very common type of agreement whereby the model will pose for the photographer and in return the photographer will provide the model with an agreed number of edited images.

To break it down further – “Time” refers to the model providing the photographer with his or her time modelling, and “Prints” is what the photographer will give the model in return for their time.
The term heralds from the day of printed model portfolios, however these days its more common that the images will be shared via email – or even our own Shared Folder feature.

Benefits of Time for Print

The benefits are many – TFP is a great way for newer models to start building their portfolio at very little cost, and similarly enables photographers to trial new techniques or methodologies without the, often significant, cost of a model.
In a shoot where the model is financially remunerated, or paid, there is often no obligation for the photographer to share any images with the model for their portfolio. Most often do, but the important point is that there is no obligation. And so, TFP is also a great way for established models to keep their portfolio fresh.

Negatives of Time for Print

There are very few downsides of TFP. The main downside is that there can sometimes be a bit of a lengthy wait to receive images from a Time for Print shoot, as the photographer is likely to prioritise other commercial work over editing their Time for Print work.

That being said, we rarely hear of any issues when it comes to members receiving images after a time for print photo shoot, so this definitely shouldn’t put you off from a time for print shoot!


Usage and copyright will vary from country to country and so it’s important that you’re broadly aware of copyright laws in your own country, or the country where the shoot will be held. In the UK, for example, the photographer will typically retain sole copyright of the imagery and can often use them in many ways without very many restrictions – such as using them on their own portfolios or selling the imagery.

For any shoot – including time for print – it’s important to not only discuss the shoot but how each party will use the images after the shoot and for what purpose.

So in summary, TFP stands for Time for Print - also known as TF, and less commonly Time for CD / TFCD. It's a great way for newcomers to build a portfolio, or for the more seasoned professionals to update theirs. 

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