Want to run a network like AdultFolio?

Now, you can!

The software that AdultFolio is built on is custom built by us. That gives us the flexibility to update, tweak, and deploy it in any region or industry/niche. So, we want to offer you the opportunity to run your own network. Be that a modelling network like this one - or one in another niche/interest.

How does it work?

You get in touch and tell us you'd like to run your own network. We'll ask a few questions to validate and ensure there is a viable business case, and then we'll set the software up for you.

We will host the network for you within our server infrastructure, keep on top of bugs and feature development, and you can concentrate on the day to day management and growth of your network.

How much does it cost?

We take a flat 20% commission on any revenues, invoiced to you on 30 day payment terms.

In terms of your operating costs, we will cover the server infrastructure costs. We'd advise a commercial structure of you running your network under a limited company, and thus your business would be liable for any taxes, and payment processing fees (these range from 3-15%, depending on the nature of your network).

Won't we be competitors?

No - we would not advertise or actively promote our network(s) in your core markets, and likewise you would not be permitted to advertise or actively promote your network in our core markets.

The exception to this is if you were to run a network outside of the modelling niche. You would be free to operate in any market that you wish.

What industries could I set up in?

The software has - naturally - been designed around the modelling industry. However, at its very core, the system is a networking platform that enables different professional categories to communicate with one another.

You could thus create a network in any industry or niche that would benefit from a networking platform. For example, a wedding planning network where brides-to-be could find bridal shops, florists, venues, caterers (etc...) near them. Or perhaps even a trade network where homeowners can find tradesmen near them.

We're more than happy to discuss your ideas with you and help validate them.

How do I get started?

Simply contact us! Outline your idea a little bit, including what industry/niche or region you'd like to set up in. We'll then work with you to validate the opportunity in that market.

If everything looks good, you could be running your own network within a few days..

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