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Posted on Saturday 19th of November 2022
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It is 3 months since I joined this platform, bit the bullet and became an "Adult Model" - haha not sure I am there yet or ever will be. I am doing this for fun not money, so then (i hear you say) why don't I do it for free - because you wouldn't respect me - in some ways you don't respect me now.

How many message me and say "I'd really like to shoot with you", "when are you free", "what are your rates" .. blablabla.

The answers are up there in my profile - they don't read the whole profile because they have seen enough to know they want to shoot me .... really? .... they don't read the terms -" I shoot at my home, my chaperone takes anonymous fly on the wall content for us, BG Soft on first outing" ... They are already fixated on what they think they can take....

So for the record I am able to look after myself - I hunt, shoot, fish & forage - and then I cook it for my lovely friends. Money never has been a motivational tool for me. I can knock deer over at 300m - I can spot fakes just as easily...

Rant over - but you will find it harder to shoot me, I am getting booked up and people are curious - so if you want to move up the rankings take time to connect - I want a face pic not a dic pic. Please read the WHOLE profile, don't scan it... please submit a proposal that is of interest - spell out work & interaction levels but most importantly what shots are you after, what the end goal is ...

I am very happy to tutor and guide amateurs and those who want to up their game - I am an amateur photographer who doesn't use a modern DSLR or zoom lenses. I have 500 lenses to chose from here - fast prime lenses (f0.95,1.2,1.4). I have manual lenses which are ideal for POV. I use only natural, ambient light.

If you want to book me, or book a casting then a non-refundable Escrow deposit of £25 is requested - deductible from the fee - it is transferable to other shoots but if you cancel 2 shoots you lose it. I have had 3 cancellations last week - that offends me and shows a lack of respect. I am not prepared to accept that as a mode of engagement hence the new rules. If you are genuine then it will cost you nothing extra..

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