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Posted on Tuesday 15th of August 2023
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Well 1,000 miles on a train was a bit daunting for a weekend of fun, but although I didn't get what I planned, I was pleased with the result.

LOG -  on way down - Train cancelled - stuck in Birmingham - gave @cat a call and he told me to get on a train to a small station an hour away from him, well it all worked out fine and we probably got to the Festival earlier than expected. Vehicle (2.5 tons) was levelled and then roof tent was erected - enough for 3 or 4 to sleep plus an awning for playing in. Lets go scope the talent ...

I will leave out the finer details as they will be covered in part 3 ...

In the Bar - the usual suspects were present - one i had shagged twice - once in the hay barn and once on a kubota tractor, the other had been pestering me for ages but lady luck had prevented him from gaining another notch on his bedpost, the third lad i had eyes on for ages, i have known him for a while, flashed him, flirted with him - no joy - was he gay - haha.

My biggest other concern for the weekend was my svengali @cat and how he would behave. You have to understand that he can read strangers in a glance, he suffers fools lightly and wants me to have fun, not just be someone's latest conquest. He feels it is his duty to make sure I pitch above my weight, whereas I am not so fussy.

Anyway a long deep chat from me explaining the rules seemed to clear the air and he took himself off - not sulking, just giving me space, this sort of set the scene for the weekend - me flirting, but not finding anyone alive enough to warrant close combat. A big shame, and @cat did intervene on the final evening and asked a guy (random semi-buff stranger) if he fancied a blowjob from me.

He went off, checked on his friends and then came back to the Bar, he was nice but lacking in energy, so at 2.30am on Sunday I bid farewell. Cuddles, kishes & hugs but no enemy action that night.

Luckily @cat is very patient and always willing to help out a damsel in her hour of need. But it was also good for us - I'm used to him as the Tog being chill whilst I play with my new friends - whether they are trying to turn me into their fantasy fuck buddy, some dominated cum slut, or just want to stretch my limits. But I was never confident he will continue to bite his lip for guys just wanting another girl to empty their load into.

Well the final result was I got fucked 14 times, twice I had cum inside of me (protected) and once on my hand and I received one orgasm in exchange. Sorry - no facials. I was sore and much gel was consumed. Not all of them were recorded on film but most were. so check out the final Blog of this 3 part series to get the lowdown....

This is real not fantasy, check out my profile, my references and please leave a comment and/or send me a message ...


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