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Posted on Thursday 10th of August 2023
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I know I have only been gone just over a week but I have decided to make the long trip south and back again to join in a friends Festival in Herefordshire. Just over a 1,000 miles by train & car. @cat will pick me up and drop me back to the train station. He will also provide the accommodation (roof tent on a stretched landrover) and make sure we don't get stuck. One good turn deserves another - so I am sure he will end up trying to turn me into a mobile sperm bank.

He may be 61 (almost 2.5 times my age) but he knows what pleases a girl and he reads people so well it is scary. His real skill is in understanding & connecting - he is not after a shag (he turns many down) but he just wants you to see who you really are, how your life can change and how much fun you can have. He has a very annoying habit of making sure you get what you want... whether you deserve it or not - a sort of svengali.

If you happen to eyeball a couple of sexy guys that make your pulse race, he will spot it, take action, and by the end of the evening you know that they'll both be back in your tent. "You may ask yourself how did I get here" as the pair of them take turns spitroasting you, but you know he is watching your back, looking after you, and yes of course he gets off on watching me get plastered with cum.

He knows how much I love sex, how I love being paid to let guys push me down on all fours and fuck me like some dirty bitch. Maybe there will be a queue out of our tent, but he will be there OSMO & Sony in hand (plus 2 tubes of gel), to capture the money shots, Me with a dick in each hand, one in my mouth and some crazy guy smashing me from behind. I'll end up looking like a glazed doughnut or maybe it should be Dog Nut.

The journey is only an hour from the train station, but I am already anticipating an unscheduled stop in some shitty layby, where a couple of trucks are already parked up. I will be on my knees sucking him hard and before long he will turn me around, like spinning a bottle, and be mount me from behind to show me what I can expect the weekend to provide. I suspect he is trying to "claim his Property" before i ignore him for the newer models.

I am not a sex worker - I am a model that likes sex. The money just changes everything in my head, because it is forbidden, or wrong? The excitement from taking an older gent and slowly arousing him, to deny his orgasm just seems wrong, why shouldn't he be allowed to bury his dick in me, his wife refuses & prostitutes are more risky. I always appreciate a Guy with Cam & Cum...

To tease him, coach & guide him seems so simple, and natural, why women treat this as a commodity escapes me. I don't fuck for free as it is the money that trips me. Look at my references - they seem happy. Not all have wanted the extras - am constantly amazed at some peoples willpower. What do I like - lots of different things, but I am here to give pleasure not receive it - so don't try (please).

Everyman is different and I try to cater for your desires within reason - I don't do what I don't want to do - money will not change my mind. If you prefer I will just edge you for ages, my lips slipping backwards & forwards over your glans - until you are wasted. Make sure you have had that honest conversation about what you are after.

I know when I have done a good job, when i can't open my eyes, my hair is thick with sperm, I have cum dribbling out of my mouth, down my breasts and onto my stockings. When I am sore, bright pink and can feel every movement when I walk. When my clothes (well those I manage to retrieve)  especially my underwear - bra, panties & stockings look like they have been used to mop up a spillage at the local dairy, when my dress or skirt are ripped, and plastered with man juice, when my shoes squelch when i walk, when there is still semen running down my legs an hour after the party.

It looks like a (fun) cum filled weekend, and I hope I don't have too many weak ends, come on guys ... give it your best shot - it will be free - this one is on me - I suspect it will be on me, in me, over me - I appreciate the more mature intelligent type - I will remain your muse - young, dumb & full of cum ..... hopefully.

Oh well off to bed (with my little buzzing friend) as early start...

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