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Posted on Tuesday 23rd of August 2022
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Well, I wanted to have some more fun last night - so arranged a meet with a proposal for just a facial. I should have known that I wouldn't stop there - and it quickly escalated into a blowjob and then full penetration - protected of course.

As a model (and also a photographer myself) I have always been interested in how you convey emotion. How does one portray excitement ... Don't sell the sausage (no pun intended) sell the sizzle - that's what I am talking about. It's a fine line - "cat" my boyfriend and photographer always says focus on erotic not sexual.

5 years ago we started work on a project that distingushes eroticism from sex. The strapline was - erotica that's unique - creating fantastical experiences - arousing your erotic interest - exploring possibilities. We got the layout, imagery and written content sorted but stumbled when we came to monetise it. To be honest we didn't need the money (you can never have enough of what you don't need) and the act of taking it seem to devalue what we were trying to do.

Joining this platform was a difficult decision - if i start taking money for what I enjoy - is that right - am I not a fraud, a trickster, have I suddenly become a sex worker (I hope NOT). So here I am again trying for a second time to have fun and get paid for it - win win. This time around we have decided to use the monies to pursue our fantasies (more of that some other time).

People seem very hung up on discussing proposals - which of course is essential to make sure you are both aligned and will get what you want out of the arrangement... but some of my best work has been spontaneous, planning often seemed to take a lot of the excitement and energy out of it. That's probably why I don't enjoy studio work as much - I am a country girl, I like flashing outside ..ha ha.

I just want to rip my clothes off and run naked through the fields. Unfortunately nowdays that will get you arrested. Don't get me started on what the Law considers an "Act of Gross Public Indecency" - I think I have a pretty Decent Bod and shouldn't i be allowed to do what i want with it.

People look at me strangely when I tell them I lost my Virginity to "cat" at 18 when he was 3 times my age - they are horrified - usually the word Pedo enters the conversation. I have always been attracted to older men - that is probably my fantasy - well, actually any interesting men with a brain...ha ha - cerebral sex - the largest organ in my body (now there's a thought!). There are some really good Togs on here and some amazing models - my personal fave is Fantasy_Fetish - it is believable, it is erotic it is fantasy. It looks real not fake.

I know there are some people on here where the discussion is the Fun bit, they never intend to actually meet because that is not how they "Get Off". But there seems to be a lot of talk rather than just getting on with it. What about a different way of doing things - surely the solution is simple - why not just come and try a quick 1 hour taster session. To be honest if you click with someone then you normally get the results you want.

So I am going to steal that strapline (sorry "cat"!) and try to make sure it underpins my work on this platform -  erotica that's unique - creating fantastical experiences - arousing your erotic interest - exploring possibilities.

Back to last night – H was happy – he got more than he bargained for and left with a grin like the cat that had got the cream - but he hadn't - I had the cream, his cream splattered all over my face and I wanted more. Lucky "cat" was there or who knows what may have happened.....

H pulls out, condom off and then quickly empties his balls all over my face - explaining that he couldn't last any longer as i was too tight. Before I have chance to catch my breath,  "cat" is straight in there like a man possessed, "doing it like they do on the discovery channel". Picture it - me with cum dripping off my face, H enjoying the free show and "cat" hammering me like he is trying to bash a fence post in - those little blue tabs are amazing.

But then "cat", pumped & swollen, had doubts, withdraws, condom on and is straight back in there smacking my ass with his muscular torso - not bad for a 60 year old - go grandad go - he knows how to please - and then it really starts stretching me, it's feeling like I'm going to be rend asunder - then he starts cumming - jerking madly as he sows his seed .... and then the calm ... I love that final moment.

Hope you enjoy the pics - "cat" didn't enjoy using my cam - he can't focus as easily as on his - we use manual vintage lenses - so excuse any blur. We were in heavy tree canopy - lens wide open (as was my pussy). What I hope to get out of this Rant is that we want people to write for us as well once they have been here. Pics will be up as soon as they are approved - bear with us. We hope a fly on wall blog will accompany each photosession i undertake.

I hope being on this platform will give me the confidence to resurrect our erotic ideas and try again.... Over to you for your thoughts, some of this Rant may come across as judgemental - sorry - not meant to be - but English is not my first language.

Take care and sending out love to all.


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