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Ledbury, Hereford and Worcester, United Kingdom

CAVEAT: Whilst I do not have the years of experience in this sector many have, I do believe in giving a Professional service and consequently expect the same in return. I have another full time vocation where I am at the top of my field completely unrelated to this. If you desire a Professional working relationship with me then I would suggest you read this Profile FULLY. It is obvious when someone has quickly scanned my details, decided that "I will do" and banged out an email, or casting request. This is not Professional and you will get short shrift from me.

I LOVE EROTICA - porn is boring, unreal, staged, fake ...

If you want to shoot porn - find someone else - not my cup of tea - I am 24 and have blown a few (te he) guys who are over 3 times my age... so i like older guys but this is not oedipus or (dad or shag), from an evolutionary point of view I (unmarried female) am hardwired to find solice in an older successful male - They can provide food for my children ( I don't want kids EVER but trying to make an evolutionary point), provide security, a dwelling, respect ... and maybe chiefdom or at least positions of authority within my community. Luckily I have cat that provides these bare necessities of life.

If you are into erotica then you will have to show me that it is in your profile, your repertoire - one look at your portfolio will tell me whether you are a frustrated medical student/butcher or whether you are a kinkster, a wordsmith, an artist - So many togs come here and the first thing they want me to do is strip me - for gods sake (apologies if that offends - not meant to) am I just a slab of meat? If you are into erotica then you will need to show me.

I have lived here in this polyamorous rural idyll with cat & mouse for over 5 years (from Czech Republic). All Shoots will be here at my shared home - I live deep in the countryside, no street lights, no block paving, no neighbours - very private so plenty of opportunities for outdoor material, and going Wild in the Country. You may have to up your game to cope with the sun/moon as your lighting source though - ha ha.

Fluent in English - A proper country girl - happy outside getting dirty on farms, with guns & livestock - amateur photographer myself - I have an extensive back catalogue (5 years +) that will take some time to put up so please bear with me.. Pretty unshockable and open to ideas. I do this for fun, the money supports my other shooting (with guns) - I am not a sex worker - if it isn't fun - I don't do it!

I am very busy from October through to December - so please bear with me. If you are close enough to travel then a nice introduction would be a 1 hour taster session (£75) to Soft level only. I prefer first shoots to be only to Soft level but reserve the right to upgrade you if I decide to - as I do this for fun. If we gel then I happy to raise the levels thereafter and be very flexible. Please be patient - i am worth waiting for ! Cancellations or last minute changes cause difficulties from both sides - so lets try to avoid them by planning well.

The chaperone is my boyfriend - a great photographer who is present to capture behind the scenes & fly on the wall material for our own projects (your anonymity assured - tattoos & faces are hidden - you will see edges of camera, elbows or hands, we can mute your voice on videos if you'd like). Please don't let this put you off, he is very discrete - does not interfere or direct and this allows me to push the boundaries so you get the shots that you want. I am able to offer work levels fully as described so please be honest as to what you want. I won't offer levels outside this - so don't ask - I will not have my mind changed as money was never a motivational tool - "you can never have enough of what you don't need!"

Don't ask for TFP or Content Share - not my cup of tea as boyfriend cat worked semi-pro in a previous life. I also model with cat as a couple and we play hard - happy to agree terms of engagement in advance but once started this precludes most 3rd party interaction - neither of us are porn stars so sometimes direction can be about as effective as throwing a cold bucket of water over us ! These sessions range from close up, hidden cam, fly on the wall to voyeur in style. I also play with mouse but only to GG Soft levels but shortly hope to involve other girls to GG hard.

You will get value for money because I want you to come back - lets chat early on to make sure I am aligned to what you are after. I will ask for shoot proposals and Escrow deposit - I am not here to waste time but to deliver an unusual opportunity.

01 September 2022 - I have had correspondence with a photographer who - did not read my profile fully, did not respect my boundaries for first shoot (soft), did not provide a full proposal indicating work levels, interaction, content - kept asking to book me outside of the days available, told me how professional he was, wouldn't agree or suggest fee for work levels suggested, pushy !! I have no interest in telling him why he was wrong so blocked him and reported him. I am not a wall flower - please read my blog but I can't cope with sexist dogma - I do this for FUN - that interaction wasn't fun and puts me right off, BUT before you all start at me - I want to please, I love sex, but I am 6 foot and have more balls than most of you but I am not a sex worker ! No respect no shoot .. is that such a hard concept ? I have upgraded many guys because they were chill or fun - that was on me (and usually was .. or in me) rant over - please try harder ...

A session is not booked until I have received a proposal and we have agreed a date, time, fee, work & intimacy levels or we agree alternative terms of engagement - because we have worked together before.

Hint: I would love to receive a full proposal with a broad outline of desired content, work & interaction levels spelt out and an indication of what you are prepared to pay. A face pic on first contact will show you are seroius, will move you up the ladder and get you closer to a shoot.

Bad Result: What do I get - "Hey ? can we do a POV ?" or "Can I shoot you ?" or even more bland "I'd really like to work with you"

GUYS if you are serious and want to book a shoot then do the work - read the profile fully, check out my media & blogs. Look for something that might connect us. Remember I get multiple daily requests, the more content people have posted up seems to result in the belief that they don't need to read my profile fully - WRONG. So often I get the response "but I am a professional" - well be professional then and read the WHOLE profile! Enough said ...

Do not try to change the terms of engagement - they are mine and are fixed - find another model to bully !
To show me you are a serious about shooting me (not just in me!), remunerating me for the work and have read the profile fully please quote "Go Wild in the Country" - if you don't i guess that means you are not serious about being professional and I should just "walk on by". Over to you ... are you professional enough ? Reading the whole profile takes how long ?

21/09/22 just blocked another who did not want to send a face pic ...

guys get real ... RESPECT ... if you are serious about meeting then please send a face pic ...

as cat constantly reminds me - "the tog pretends he has the power, but doesn't ... "

Upcoming Castings
Looking For Amateur Photographer Comfortable In Own Skin
model looking for photographer • model requests payment
Located in Ledbury, Ledbury

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Go Wild In The Country - @lucyfer & @cat
model looking for photographer • model requests payment
Located in Ledbury, Ledbury

Posted 2022-11-10T23:28:11+00:00Apply
Old Young - Dom Sub
model looking for photographer • model requests payment
Located in Ledbury, Ledbury

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Model & Photographer to Tutor & self pose
model looking for photographer • model requests payment
Located in Ledbury, Ledbury

Posted 2022-11-05T09:06:50+00:00Apply
Taster Session
model looking for photographer • model paying photographer
Located in Ledbury, Ledbury

Posted 2022-10-25T14:12:42+00:00Apply
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