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Posted on Saturday 10th of February 2024
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Why I’m an Exhibitionist Part 5: Technology takes over.

These days technology is everywhere, and we all seem to be well used to it. Everything is so instant, meeting up with people, finding information etc, however, when it first came about it was exciting and refreshing, life just seemed to step up a few gears in one go. As I explained in previous blog post, the way for me find Photographers was using adds in magazines which were pretty slow, it could take weeks if not months to actually meetup, now we have the Internet, and everything was so instant. I discovered on certain web pages like Gaydar you could chat instantly with guys and there were different places for everyone with similar interests. The chat rooms you would always find me in were Photographers & Exhibitionists rooms. Of course, there were much more than just guys looking to take pics but also everyone looking for instant meets or in a day or so. This meant that the number of photographers I was in contact with rose considerably and also my sex life increased exponentially. It wasn’t long before I was meeting different guys for sex every day, sometimes a few a day as it was just so available. It was even better when both sex and photography could be combined. Quite often there would be just other guys who as well as wanting a meet to fuck etc, also wanted a record of this with pics and videos. This was awesome for me being the exhibitionist I was, and I found many guys who wanted to meet for either of the 3 things. Exhibitionist Dares etc, just a fuck or taking pics or a mixture of either of these. I think a lot of the photographers would be searching through the sex meetup sites looking for those who they thought would be suitable candidates to pose for them. I quickly realised this and made my profile obvious in that I was an exhibitionist and willing to pose for pictures.

Many people were still not comfortable having their face in the pics especially online, and it took me a short while to realise it wasn’t that much of an issue. Although I would have pictures of me online it was still a while before there were full naked pics of me including my face for others to see on my profiles, however, I had no idea about other sites which may include pictures of me others had taken of me before. But as cameras were still using film I didn’t worry about this too much.

As the Internet expanded I quickly saw this as another way to expand my exhibitionist desires, and while many guys were still shy to post full body pictures online, I was becoming much more bolder and quickly realised it was a real thrill for me to have my pictures online for others to download and keep for themselves, or post anywhere else.

This also brought on a new avenue for me in my exposure journey, The feeling knowing I had lost control of any of the pics I posted was a huge turn on for me, not knowing where the pics would end up, I found so exciting.  Occasionally I would receive a message from someone saying they really enjoyed looking at my pics and had a wank at the same time. Well, this just made me want to post more and more pics and I wanted to go further than the time before, until eventually I was posting pics having full on sex with others. I even came across other sites with my pics on them posted by others, this had that instant reaction from me of getting my cock so hard, I just loved it. Occasionally I would wank myself off just seeing one of my pics I wasn’t expecting to see one. I soon started a blog on the blogger page and just posted as many pictures as I could. This has pictures going all the way back to 1999 If you want to see this blog page get in touch, as not sure I can post a link here to it. It does have almost all of my pics and vids up until 2019, my profile there is “Ukexhibitionist” but since then I have started to put my pics on other easier sites more suitable for an exhibitionist like me.

Below are a few pictures from the first photographer pics I met online taken of me in 1999.

After well over 20 years of exposing myself online I am now at the point where I just want to expose almost everything about myself. I’m totally comfortable with my body and being naked, I may not have the adonis body but I’m happy to show it to anyone who wants to look, also show any of the things it can do or what can be done to it and inserted within it. Throughout my life I have always kind of taken things to the extreme in most things I do, and If I am going to go in a certain direction I will go as far as I can in that direction. So now it just seems perfectly normal for me to pose for people and perform in any way that is requested, from simple naked pictures, to full on sex and using my body in almost anyway required, yes, I do have a couple of limitations, but otherwise anything goes. For me porn is just a normal state of mind, in fact I see it as other people’s problems/issues if they are not comfortable with it.  I’m more than happy to wank, fuck, get fucked, insert toys etc into any of my holes, enjoy myself and let the whole world see. We all do these types of things in private so what is wrong with showing it anyone who may appreciate it. 

Thank you to the people who have sent me massages saying they enjoyed my first 4 blog posts. They are Entirely True; I hope you enjoyed reading them just as much as I enjoy the memories. Why not leave a comment or two after the posts.
 Still have many more Exhibitionist experiences to share with you all. Not sure which I will write about in the next blog as yet.

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