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Posted on Friday 12th of January 2024
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To be honest this is probably one of the most difficult questions for me to answer, after thinking about it for many years the only thing I think I can do is just explain how I grew up to be an exhibitionist and my earliest experiences.

Since I went through puberty at around the age of 12 and started to wank, which no one told me how to wank I just kind of learnt it. Rubbing my cock on the bed clothes would get me hard and the feeling was fantastic, so I just kept doing it more. Then I would rub my hand and fingers across my cock pushing it up and down so it kept punching at my belly (not the standard wanking method of grabbing your cock in your hand and rubbing it up and down) Eventually I would shoot a massive load, fortunately something that has stayed with me all my life.  After many moths of doing this and being a normal horny teenager, I didn’t want to wait until I went to bed to do this and with someone generally being at home all the time and not my own privacy I would take go out and have a wank somewhere outdoors. This may be a public toilet, in the wooded areas or just behind a bush in the park. I never at first wanted to be seen doing this, I would have been so embarrassed and ashamed if I had been caught.
As I did this more I figured out I actually enjoyed being outside and getting naked so while out walking our dog I would go to the forests and strip off when I felt safe and walk around naked. The feeling was awesome just being outside with the air on my body, I just loved it. This always ended up with me having a wank and leaving my cum somewhere on the path or a tree.

Around the same time I remember wanting to show my best friend (1 year younger) what I was doing and we went somewhere and I was telling him about wanking and producing cum and so wanting to show him, but alas he wasn’t as keen on it and afraid of being caught but I did get a thrill out of showing him my cock and how to wank. I then started getting bolder and would go to more public places like stairwells in blocks of flats and have a quick wank and leave my cum somewhere on the steps or the walls or in the lifts. For me it was such a thrill, and I enjoyed the experience of doing this just as much as shooting a load.

Go forward a few years and I started working a pub. I was only 16 and I was only collecting glasses, so this was allowed as I wasn’t serving beer. After I finished work I would take the long walk home and usually go somewhere and strip off my clothes except for a jacket, and walk around the streets naked with my jacket fully open and always erect, I got such a thrill from doing this it could only end up 1 way, leaving my load somewhere, on a shop window, on lampposts, or cars parked in the street, even on teh windows of the school I was at and the following day. I would be able to see the dried cum on the windows of the classroom the following day. This was a long time before we had security cameras everywhere.

By this time, I hardly ever wanked in my bedroom I would always go outside somewhere. This just continued for many years, and I think slowly I was coming to terms that I may be gay but wasn’t really sure. But whatever I just loved going outdoors, getting naked and having a wank. The wanking was how it always ended for me, I was not really interested in the nudist kind of life yet, as getting naked outside was always because I was horny and had to release.

The next phase in my life was when I thought being more public with being naked. But I will keep that for another blog on when I started to model for guys in part 2.
So that is my story about how started to become an exhibitionist, I just think it has always just been in my blood.     

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