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Posted on Sunday 28th of January 2024
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Why I’m an Exhibitionist Part 4: Becoming bolder about being exhibitionist.

Following on from part 3 of this blog, I was occasionally getting naked for the odd photographer, one that stands out for me was a guy I met in the midlands, it was in the summertime and he wanted to spend a day with me but he couldn’t accommodate and we were to spend the whole day outside around the countryside. He picked me up from the station and we got into his car.

We started to drive off and he noticed the bulge in my jeans, I had been erect from leaving the train, he suggested I could undress if I wanted to, I took of my jeans and underwear and felt much more comfortable. At this point we were still in the town, and I just felt so excited, being naked from the waist down and a little exposed. We drove around until we arrived at the first location, it was on the top of a hill overlooking a steep drop and you could see for miles overlooking a small town, here is where the photography part of the day began. I put on my shorts, we got out the car and walked to some rocks to begin the photos. Over the following 6 hours we drove around to many different places to get pictures of me in open fields, in forest areas, underneath railway bridges. Towards the end he did comment at one point I had been erect for about 4 hours, constantly erect and it had never gone down once. I didn’t think too much of this at the time as it was just normal, I thought everyone was the same. We finished off somewhere taking the final cum pics and I was dropped off at the station to head home. I did go back and see him again the year after and it was a repeat more or less of the first meeting and still got as excited and enjoyed just as much as the first time. Although I did not have a copy of the pictures, I did find one online in a forum many years later, it’s not great quality, see below.

This is the oldest picture I have naked too, it goes back to around 1991 you can see how my body has changed a little now.

Along with the occasional photo session with a few people, I was also enjoying myself just being an exhibitionist. One of my new adventures which I did frequently on a warm summer evening was to go out around 1 or 2am and leave my clothes somewhere and walk for over an hour just with a cap and a pair of trainers on. Below is a map with a route I took many times.

I would walk to point A with my shorts and a t shirt on. At point A I would leave them hidden and set off in the direction indicated, anticlockwise. This was on a public footpath between 2 fields, arriving at the turn left into Osterley Park. On my many adventures through Osterley Park, I never saw anyone and felt totally at ease.

When I reached point B this is where it opened onto a tarmac road and over a road bridge on the M4. This lane was a dead end and was known as a place for couples to go to at night in their cars. Sometimes I would come across cars parked and would just walk straight past, occasionally stand right next to the car and look in. sometimes the cars were empty and sometimes there were a couple in them. I would walk along the road towards point C on this road. Once I started walking from point B towards point C, there was no escape should any car drive along it. I could dive down into the undergrowth but anyone driving along may see me and wonder what was going on maybe, so I decided if a car did come past, I would just carry on as if it was perfectly normal for me to be naked walking along the road. On the many adventures a few cars did drive past, usually just carried on after slowing down a little as they passed. One evening a car approached from behind and I had decided to carry on walking ahead, the car stopped by the side of me, and they wound down the window. It had 3 young guys in it, and they started asking me what I was up to. I replied I had lost a bet and had to walk along the road naked back to my m8 who was waiting in his car at the end of the road round the corner by the houses. They laughed and drove away. I walked towards point C on the map along the road. Before I reached point C, I could see some headlights coming back towards me round the bend and I thought it was maybe them coming back as they could not find my imaginary m8 waiting for me.  I climbed across a gate at point C which was my intended route and hid down, I didn’t want them to find me again, assuming they realised my story was fake. By this time, I was high on adrenalin I think. I was buzzin because of the excitement. Anyway, they drove all the way along the road very slowly turned around and again drove slowly all the way back looking for me. I had hidden in the field by this point and waited for them to drive away down the lane. After about 5 minutes I decided to carry on my journey towards the M4 and walk across the footbridge going over the motorway. See Point D on the map. Here is a picture said bridge from Google maps.

As you can see it was open for anyone driving past and was lit from the road light close by.

I would walk across this slowly, usually with my cock in my hand just enjoying myself. Once or twice, I would stop in the middle and shoot a load over the edge. Remember I was there at nighttime too.

After wards I would carry on my walk through the fields and back to my t-shirt and shorts and make my way home. The feeling I had after completing something like this was awesome, I kind of felt exhilarated, excited and also relieved, but each time I just wanted to do it again and just become more extreme.  
Up to now the Internet was not widely used and we didn’t have mobile phones, but the next chapter of my blog will be when the Internet arrived and the possibilities this brought.

Thank you to the people who have sent me massages saying they enjoyed my first 3 blog posts. These post are Entirely True; I hope you enjoyed reading them just as much as I enjoy the memories. Why not leave a comment or two after the posts.

Still have many more Exhibitionist experiences to share with you all.

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