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Posted on Monday 22nd of January 2024
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Why I’m an Exhibitionist Part 3: Losing my Virginity

Following on from part 2 of this blog which reached my life until I was in my mid twenties when I first got naked for a photographer, the following 5 or 6 years I was mixing my love of being an exhibitionist alongside my new love for posing for photographers. As I said earlier for me this is just as much a sexual experience for me as well as being naked & exhibitionist. By this time I had come to terms and accepted I was gay and wanted to be with other men, although still a virgin when it came to anal sex.

I replied to a few more adds looking for male models, and one guy I replied to asked me to go to his place and he wanted to take some pictures of me. We chatted before hand and he asked if was shaved, all around my pubic region, cock, balls and ass. My answer was no, and he said he would really love to shave me first for the pics.

So off I went to his place after a few weeks, feeling super horny on the train wondering what it would be like to get shaved. Got to his place and we began taking a few pics of me beforehand and then he shaved me, all around my cock balls and around my Ass & crack. Although we hadn’t discussed the following, while he was shaving around my ass he did slip a finger into my ass, this I wasn’t expecting, and he asked how Liked it, well I loved it to be honest and I think he could see by the way I smiled. Of course I said yes, I loved it. He said we could get some pics in that position with a finger or two in my ass.  This we did and got quite a few pics. With 1. 2 & 3 fingers in there. He got me stretched well and asked If he could fuck me too. I was feeling great and with the added position of having pictures taken I was just so horny I said go for it, but be gentle. Well you can guess what happened next and he well and truly got inside me, took it slowly and let me get used to having him inside and just  stopped to take some pics. I was enjoying this so much when he stopped taking the pics I did ask and made sure he was intending to go all the way. I think this was his plan all along to be honest. So he finished fucking me and then made me cum straight afterwards. By this time I could really feel I had been fucked for the first time and I sure needed a rest. Mainly for my ass.

He took me out for a beer and a bite to eat for lunch and then we ended up back at his place. Later in the day, there were not too many trains back to London and we decided I would get a train just after 6pm. That was still 4 hours away and he wanted to fuck me again, so he did for about another 20 mins or so, this time on the living room floor, no more pics were taken for the rest of the day, but I was so enjoying myself. We stopped and had some coffees and by about 5pm he said we had an hour left and could he do it again. By this time my ass was itching for more, even tho it felt a little well used. This time I was on the edge of his bed bent over and he was taking me from behind. In the middle of this I suddenly heard someone else come into the room, he said don’t worry it was just his bf back from work. Well he finished inside me and I could hear him ask his bf if he wanted to carry on, so there I was just bent over the bed after been fucked by this guy 3 times throughout the day and straight after his 3rd time his bf entered me and fucked me and made it a 4th time that day. I never actually got to look at his bf once during this and when he finished he said he had to go out and quickly left the room. I got up and got cleaned and was then taken to the station to get my train home. I was buzzing on the train going home and thinking back on what turned out to be a much better day than I could ever have imagined and the desire to pose for guys was getting stronger every time I did.

I never did go back and see this guy and I never got the pictures either, but after this experience I was just looking to broaden my sexual experiences more and kind of never thought to try and get the pics.

If by any chance the guy taking the pics is reading this, which I somehow doubt, I would love to know if the pics still exist? It was in the Cotswolds in the UK where I went.   
Thank you to the people who have sent me massages saying they enjoyed my first 2 blog posts. They are Entirely True; I hope you enjoyed reading them just as much as I enjoy the memories . Why not leave a comment or two after the posts.
 Still have many more Exhibitionist experiences to share with you all. Not sure which I will write about in the next blog as yet.

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