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Posted on Saturday 28th of March 2020
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Video on AdultFolio is growing significantly - we're now serving around 350 hours of video content every single day, doubling from the 170 hours we were serving per month in December-19. As video grows and becomes a more and more important part of AdultFolio, it's important that the statistics we relay to you on this are more insightful.

Today, we've rolled out 2 new statistics - Total Video Watched and Video Watched Depth.

Total Video Watched - sums the amount of your video that has actually been streamed and consumed by users. The below demonstrates that the video was viewed for 1 hour 23 minutes on the 27th of March, and just over 50 minutes on the 28th.

Video Watched Depth - demonstrates how many users reach each 10s period within your video. In the image below, 150 users start watching the video and by the end of the video just over 80 are still watching.

These statistics can be found by going to any of your videos and clicking the "Stats" button. You can also find them by going to your Photo Manager > Clicking on a video > Detailed Stats

We've also updated the statistics area of AdultFolio to include these additional stats.

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