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Posted on Thursday 25th of April 2024
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Every single page load or part-of across AdultFolio is logged and for each we store around 12 different timing measurements, generating over 50,000 data points per minute.

We then benchmark all of these across a maximum acceptable processing time, this is logged and monitored on a big live screen every single minute. We use this data to then find any performance issues across the site, and improve it.

Over the last few days we've rolled out some performance improvements to Tagged Images and Inboxes, off the back of this data.

Our improvements across Tagged Images now mean these galleries load around 6x faster, and inboxes load around 2x faster.

We found a number of performance improvements within Tagged Images by optimising how we filter media out of the list based on permissions and privacy, and within inboxes we found this performance by entirely restructuring how we handle/hide conversations that you've deleted or archived.

Hopefully you notice and feel these performance improvements :) 

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