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Posted on Friday 12th of April 2024
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I keep thinking I should use my blog to keep a log of the changes and upgrades we make across AdultFolio. Ill try, lets see how long it lasts.

Today we've made a bunch of updates to the Tour system and improved its integration across the site, including:

  1. When you're on tour, your profile will note this at the very top, near your home location.
  2. You will appear in the search results for the location you're touring while you're there, as well as your home location
  3. Your profile will contain a tab for tours if you have any active or upcoming
  4. The main tours page also shows in-progress tours rather than just upcoming
  5. When you post a tour, your followers near your tour location will receive a notification for this
  6. Improvements to functionality on the tours page, like being able to more easily update/delete tours


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