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Posted on Thursday 14th of March 2024
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Felling the pinch @unicorndisney certainly is and the Landlord's Agent is on the way round to her flat to find out why she's behind in rent. Shoot date Saturday 16th March 2024

Unicorn is in her flat, this is her location and for now point of view, on the radio the Expo is talking about the 'cost of living crisis' and how bathing with a friend can cut cost, along with how tasty corn flakes are with water, for lunch. 

Enter Big John Butcher, well she walks down stairs to let him in really, so you can get some slo mo up skirt. Once back in little flat she explains sales on Estymate for her jewellery arn't going too well, on account of the crisis. But Butcher is more interested in the CAM set up, after a little while unicorn admits she is trying a little light OF work, but again the fish arn't biting very hard.

Butcher- Maye it's your performance, I know a bit about cam work I used to be on AdultFolio maybe I could give you some pointers.

Unicorn- Oh no I'd be too self conscious to do it front of someone.

Butcher- So you'd take your knickers off for a stranger to wank over, but not for a real man who's only trying to help you.

Unicorn- No no I d-don't do that, I mean I don't show anything I only talk a bit.

Butcher- You know the land lordlords coming round to look at the place. He want's new tenants in and he wants me to see how we can get more for the place. Your a month over due, really we wants you out.

Unicorn- No please I'd loose my deposit and have no reference if he does that when I'm behind in rent. Please you just have to give me some time to pay.

Butcher- Hey don't worry I can smooth things over, I'm just asking for a little time to help you pay. You know something I have site, take a look it's called ''behind in rent''.

Well she's in a pickle alright, but here's an opportunity, though is it something she wants to do, this site appears to be pov videos of different young women having sex with this Butcher character, and several seem to have more than one video. But you can't see their faces, from what he's saying if she does one video with him then she wont be thrown out. She might not want to have sex with this fat horrible man, but she doesn't fancy being homeless either.

So they strike a deal and Butcher sets up his camera on her tripod. Of course she asks about the land lord, but is reassured he wont come for a good while and can't let himself in any way.

A little while later as she is straddled on the big man and riding his cock towards orgasm the land lord does appear to have let himself in. Of course this is a ruse and they have done this before. Now in order to keep the tenancy she will have too satisfy both of them in sordid multi-positional DP and BBG.

Let's hope the jewellery thing picks up and she doesn't find herself in the oh so easy to exploit situation next month, but then again maybe she likes it.     

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