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Posted on Friday 27th of January 2023
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It might be said ''you can't beat the system'', but eventually in reality all of them fall.

The oldest festivals were sexual, orgiastic and ritual. Their world like ours was was divide by these festivals, 4 solar ones, and 4 fire ones. We ritually celebrate only 2 of the fire festivals today. But that doesn't really matter.

What I like about these 8 fesivals is they divide the year up on an older system, and there we have the word again system !

There's lots of systems here, a booking system, and a system of selling performance slots in hotels is also in operation. 

There's no system conducive to creative ambition though, that needs another solution. 

I hear the Dutch are thinking about some sort of 'porn town' where people can work together in the sex industry in safety. That sounds a better solution.

Rather than wait for that state I think it's better just to have the first annual spring content fair regardless and move on from there.

Always, maybe, the challenge will be finding a venue for such a thing. Because that system of orgiastic nature worship has been replaced with what we have today. 

Any way's none of that will stop me holding the first or last 'content creators fair'.

How does that work ! It works like any creative endeavour, especially a movie. Solutions for a series of logistical and creative problems in the pursuit of visual story telling.

Practical terms, well the Dutch are into the idea of big porn production companies and imagine performers benifiting from a centralised Euro porn industry, not in Prague. They are not interested in me and you, but they see the value, most in money, to having performers and industry together.

Most of us arn't part of that industry, here in the UK in particular, but we can feed the Euro/US market with valuable content. 

Content creation is a snazzy word right now, imagine a 'content creators fair' to be a place where for a few days performers and other creatives get together on various sets and co-work. 

What form would it take, it could be many formed across various locations and potentially each could be unlike the last or the same to develop a common predictable system.

It could be glamping, a Glastonbury, a Club Med, a Castle, a multi story dwelling in London, a field, a beech,  or in the lakes, the swinging town in France or 'porn town' if they ever make it. It could be in multiple locations at the same time.

In concept where ever it is bell tents or bedrooms, performers would network and schedule shared performances working out for them selves what ever deal they want to with what ever crew, and to what ever levels they want to.

To reverse argue the need for this, right now were all sitting at home, or work, aspirations and creative ambition become day dreams. Many are waiting for a booking, others the opportunity to make one, probably in the models flat, maybe a hotel room, or push for a risky air b'n'b.

There's no where to go, really, a few studios maybe, but with model fees, transport and everything a studio hire becomes expensive. Worse just for a day. 

But imagine if there was a sort of trade fair, stages, sets, lights, MUA, broadcasting, editing, social marketing, but most of all valuable performers. Socials in the evening by firelight and all of that kind of joyous life so lacking.

Well you can have it all, these days anything you like really regarding systems. 

I'll start by inviting some of the guys that seem to want to work with me, here, and film some orgiastic sex. Fortunately it's still popular with wankers, so financially it will be a bust. Then I'll say it was created in the 'first annual Imbolc content share festival', and I'll declare it a success. 

Next I'll invest in some better location and have the second one. Now here's the good part, even if no one turns up, apart from ones booked and pay for I'll still pretend it's a smash hit.

So after that either it will be a hot hit, others will follow the example, or it won't and I'll just carry on, because at the very least it gives me something to direct the people that contact me for work towards. That it's self made wiriting this useful.

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