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Posted on Monday 13th of June 2022
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My job takes me all around England and Scotland. This is why I am able to cast my net wide and see a variety of people.

I played 3 sports at school and represented them at different age groups. The sports included Football, both Rugby League and Union. A serious knee injury put me on the shelf, which ended any hopes of playing professional. My knees still bother me to this day but they don't stop me rucking beautiful women, whether her partner is watching or not!

To keep fit now I go on long walks, visit the gym and have recently got back into yoga.

In 5 years time I hope to have my business ideas up and running. These are in their early stages and are done alongside my regular job. They are already giving me a lot of satisfaction and hopefully they will prosper.

For education, I did well at school even though I hated it. I went on to study at a technology college in Cambridge for 3 years and left with a degree. I have gained other qualifications, including I.T., art, photography and even Football coaching.

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