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Posted on Saturday 7th of May 2022
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So I’ve recently been helping a new model get her profile setup and off the ground. In doing so I saw just what horrors female models get in their inboxes, so thought I’d have a mini rant and offer my own advice to any model that reads this or if a photographer sees this and feels their conduct might be what I’m talking about. 

First of all, level pushing. I know it happens, but I honestly didn’t realise how bad the problem is. Granted this model is new to Adultfolio and Purpleport, so you can imagine their profiles are getting a lot of attention right now, but she has her levels clearly stated on her profile, and in her bio section…yet she was still getting requests for POV hard, blowjobs, vaginal insertions etc. Some of these were from “photographer” profiles with no references or verifications. 

Next up, the chaperone policy. The model in question clearly states that a chaperone would be with her at shoots. This is for her own safety. Yet that drew some attention as well. One photographer even went as far as saying that he wouldn’t book her for a shoot if her chaperone was coming, and asked to know who that person was, whilst another said it was ok as long as it wasn’t a partner. Come on guys, stop being creepy old men here. Chaperones are purely there for people to be comfortable so that they’re not alone with a stranger. They’re being asked to model in various states of undress, going up to nude, which is very vulnerable. The photographer that she is with could have all sorts on their history but we’d never find out. I bet if you did a DBS check on the every photographer registered to this site, you would get a few interesting things popping up here and there. So before you ask a model to go down the woods to shoot her naked, or want her to come to your hotel room alone, think about how it looks if you demand her chaperone is barred.

I know why they do it. They like being alone with women, and the prospect of a boyfriend being in the building ruins that illusion for them. If that’s the case, you’re not being a professional photographer. Get a grip and realise that as long as chaperones aren’t a distraction and keep out of the way, they aren’t a problem. If you’ve agreed levels and shoot ideas, no partner is going to have any problem with you.

Next up. Cameras. You’d be surprised how many people on here shoot on phones and tablets. An experienced photographer can see through any filter and know what qyality of camera is being used, and luckily AdultFolio can detect the device in the image properties. Yet there are still men creating profiles on here with crap quality pics taken on phones and expecting to get their leg over with models.

And before anyone chips in with the “but decent cameras are expensive”….mate, you’re paying a model £50-60ph to shoot some of these levels. Save up instead of doing shoots, buy a proper camera and learn how to do real photography and THEN approach models professionally. Imagine if a builder offered to do the extension on your garage and brought Lego with him.

The biggest insult came when someone shooting on a low quality camera, doing some very basic shots of girls in his living room, then messaged to see if he could do some TFP. Honestly…delete block.

It sounds snobby but it’s not. Some other photography sites have quality filters over who they approve as members, and Adultfolio doesn’t seem to apply that with photographers. Anyone seems to be able to create a profile and start messaging models from the same phone he will probably shoot on. It creates a negative reputation that photographers are sleazy old men. 

Finally the TF debate. It’s widely accepted that most models need to do TF at some point from time to time to keep their profiles up to date. Yet a lot of photographers will see a new model with non-professional pics and will jump at the chance of shooting without having to pay. Personally, I think the model should pick and choose photographers they want to use for those TF images, and this should be done with a casting call which states the ideas you want shooting. But when profiles with no references are straight into the inbox begging to shoot adult…stop being so desperate! Again, it’s a cheap way for some photographers to get their end away.

I think any shoot that requires an models posing nude should be met with payment, even if it is part TF / Part paid. It’s disrespectful to think models will get naked for you for free. Maybe some of the lower levels, like fashion, lingerie etc, but I would never expect a model to pose nude for me for free. Not in today’s world. 

My advice to new models who want to go far in this field of modelling…

1. Don’t shoot with unverified profiles. It takes 2 mins for a photographer to be photo verified. As for references, if they have none, check to see if they’re on Purpleport, they might have some there. If not, it’s your risk. Most percent photographers use Purpleport, it’s kind of universal now, and dodgy photographers get weeded out pretty fast.

2. Look at the quality of their pics. If they look like they’re done on a tablet, then it’s only going to reflect on you. You don’t want that in your portfolio, so bare that in mind.

3. If they refuse a chaperone, assume they’re not wanting to shoot with you for work purposes. There is probably a darker motive and probably just wants to enjoy taking pics of naked women, and would be jealous if your partner was there. Just turn up with your chaperone anyway, and if the photographer kicks off, just give him a negative reference. He has no comeback. 

4. Check the age too. A lot of old men want to have sex with attractive young women, and to be honest, the pics look cringe. Shooting real couples has a romantic spark, and maybe shooting two models that are similar ages can pass for that too…but seeing a pot bellied 60 year old with a really attractive model in her early 20s can mentally scar some people. It just makes the model look like an escort. It’s not artistic or creative, it just looks so out of place and weird. Unless that’s the style you want, then go for it, but otherwise, you should put age restrictions on people you perform with.

5. If you want professionally edited images in your profile (TFP), the pick the photographer you want to do them based on their reputation and skills and do TF with them. List your ideas in a casting call that states you want to do TF, then pick the best photographer that applies. Some will try and bully you into doing it for TF, which leads me onto point #6…

6. Don’t let a photographer haggle or knock your rates down. There are no “correct” rates. You are essentially offering yourself as a service to photographers, and essentially you are self employed. Set your rates carefully based on what you feel you are worth and what would be a reasonable amount, and stick to them. If someone doesn’t want to pay that amount, he doesn’t get to shoot…simple as that. It happens far too often and I get sick of hearing about it. Its insulting. If a photographer is quoted a rate that is out of his price range, he should politely decline and leave it at that. Stop trying to knock prices down.

That wasn’t a rant at all photographers, just a growing percentage of them. Most photographers are polite and professional. Some are just “blokes with cameras”. I thought I had to say something after the last few days of screenshots I’ve been sent, from a new model asking for advice.

Stay safe, and report anyone being a dick.

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