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Posted on Friday 22nd of April 2022
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There are a few of us on here (and other sites too) who are, quite frankly, unphotographable. Not through any unwillingness on our part but rather the reluctance of togs to take us on board.

We are a peculiar bunch - misfits the lot of us. Happy with our life's lot but not the proverbial 'cup of tea'.

If I were a good man with time I would become more familiar with my camera equipment and only shoot my co-misfits. Exclusively. Oh sure, I'd shoot 'beautiful' people too but (and it's a big but) they would be merely toys and accessories for the misfit clan!

In shooting beauty and the beast together, I would hope to show the world that we all have a piece of each other to give the world, beast reflecting beauty and vice-versa. A balance of sorts.

You know how you hear a beautiful song and when you discover the singer, they're as ugly as chuff, well that but through imagery.

I'll confess now that when I scroll through the latest images, I'm always looking for the odd, the peculiar, the misfits...

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