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Wellspanked is a professional movie production business based in Manchester. We began in mainstream production making mostly music, promotional and corporate videos then added commercial spanking & cp content in 1993. It proved very popular and by 1998 it had become our core product.

The genres we produce are F/m, F/f, M/f so, we are looking for female performers with an interest in spanking & cp and who relish the opportunity to perform. We have work available in dominant, submissive and switch roles.

We don't want anyone in front of the camera who doesn't want to be there and we rarely work with performers just once, so ideally, we are looking for people to work with on a regular basis.

All of our content is real & realistic - not extreme, not fake and it involves acting/performing, not role-playing. It's very popular worldwide because it is properly produced, directed and performed. Customer feedback is mostly along the lines of "it's like watching a real movie - not just another spanking clip". That's the whole idea!

You don't need experience and we coach acting & performance techniques as well as giving instruction in the safest and most effective spanking & cp methods.

Commercial Production
There are some important differences between commercial production and amateur work that you should be aware of:
- we pay scene rates, not hourly rates i.e. you are paid a fee for each scene you complete
- all of the content is for commercial use so signing a release form is a part of the job
- chaperones are never permitted on set

Working with Wellspanked - Please Read
We have a legal and moral obligation to ensure that all performers give prior informed consent before working with us. We take that obligation very seriously so, in order to fulfil it, we only use the following casting procedure:

- First contact is made through Adultfolio message either by you contacting us to enquire about work or by us contacting you to ask if you are interested in the work we offer

- If we are both interested in working together, the next step is to have a conversation, by phone only, during which we explain what the work involves, how the shoots work, the rates of pay for each type of character you portray, travel expenses and where the work is sold etc. We also answer any & all questions you might have. This also enables us to determine the types of character you will be most able to portray.

- Whatever work you agree to doing during the conversation is then confirmed by an exchange of emails which gives us your prior informed consent to undertake that work for the fees agreed.

- work can then take place but, on your first shoot, either party may stop shooting at any time and for any reason during filming.

We have used this professional and legally advised casting method since 1998 because it ensures that there can be no misunderstandings concerning the work or anything related to it. It also provides legal protection both for you and for ourselves.

Please Note
All performers must be 18 or over and ID is required - no exceptions - because we are fully compliant wth DMCA & USC2257.

No phone call - No confirmation of consent email - No ID = No shoot with us.

We do not discuss or arrange work via email ping-pong, as recommended by this site, because we have operated successfully using the professional methods, described above, since long before Adultfolio existed. These methods work for both of us and we don't believe in trying to fix things that are not broken.

Whilst the methods advocated by Adultfolio might suit the amateur/casual market they are not rigorous enough for commercial spanking movie production.

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