Farningham, Kent, United Kingdom

Just an amateur who enjoys taking photos of sexy ladies.
Friendly and approachable, I am a hobbyist photographer with about 35 years experience. I was very keen and prolific from about 1982 to about 2003 when I sort of lost interest. I had used most studios and exhausted their model registers. Film was ending and studios closing. Rekindle the interest in the 2012 Olympics and started buying new gear.

My main areas of interest are nudes, erotic, fetish, gentle adult, art nude, glamour nude, topless & shear. Taking more of an interest in outdoor and natural light than studio lighting. Based North of Sevenoaks and able to travel, I love the outdoor shoot and, when it is cold, shooting indoors. I used to use studios, but not so far this time around. Shooting outdoors and in the models home keeps costs down and allows more natural settings. I will return to a studio one day but I am still suffering an overdose of 'model shot against a white background/fake brick wall/fake bedroom scene'. DSLR are so more versatile.

Starting to get into post-shoot editing but I am new to it. I try to get the image right at the point of shutter.

I pay, I own the images. That said, if they are any good, I am happy to email a few or bundle them up into a USB stick or DVD, if I get the USB back.

As I said I used to shoot loads back in the 80s (18 to 50, blonde, ginger, dark haired) and looking forward to shooting with new,different models all over again. Not claiming to be any good, just enthusiastic for sexy, erotic ladies who are happy to pose and take a little direction. I have been to a couple of castings to get some references to prove I am 'normal' and not some idiot. Just here to use my camera and take photos of models dressed (undressed) a certain way, posing a particular way, to capture their beauty.

Photography is my passion not my business and as such I get to pick and choose who I work with. I also work to a budget. Not just cost but also time. I generally work up to 2 hours with a model to limit costs and posing fatigue. I also just do not have the time to spend half a day shooting. I am busy weekends. Weekdays I can normally be free depending upon work.

References can also be found here

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