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Posted on Saturday 29th of January 2022
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My First Try at Escorting 1


I see Sue in her final preparations tugging that tiny G-string between her cheeks then stepping into her little black cocktail dress, it thrills me and shames me in equal measures. Yes, I know it’s my fault entirely, but I wanted to feel in control; it’s crazy really, we are a loving and wealthy couple so why did I talk her into doing this? We had paid £350 a night to stay at the Grand just so that I could let a complete stranger rent my wife for a few hours. That’s me being polite again, I should have said it as it is: "fuck my wife", there, I’ve said it. The problem is I will come up with the weirdest ideas while we're sitting having a few drinks together but if she agrees to do some of the things, bear in mind most of the time I’m just finding and testing her limits, I feel I have to go through with the idea.

In this instance I was saying to Sue how hard it must be to do escort work, I know she was drunk but she came back with a flippant remark like, “they probably enjoy it, it must be fun”. I, in an instant, said if it’s that much fun why don’t you try it and we’ll see how much you like it having to fuck all those old men that can’t get it up. She laughed at me and said "OK it can’t be that hard". Well, to cut a very long story short, an advert was placed on a website call adultwork and within minutes her inbox was ping, ping, ping,,,, I really felt it had gone way too far; but she was getting so enthusiastic about doing the dirty deed and I was not prepared to back down and look a total idiot, so we started to look at the practical issues. The first thing was location; we had said in the Adultwork advert that Sue worked in the central London area so we would have to book into a nice hotel for the night or at this rate maybe two nights. So that would give us a base then how and where would she meet the “clients”? It sounds weird just saying that! We decided to just book the hotel and place another advert. We specified a location and a radius of five miles from the hotel allowing Sue to travel to the client by taxi. The applications for bookings came in thick and fast; it’s a good system they have on the website the client applies to the escort with location and the time of day he would like to reserve and also the time he wishes to spend with the lady. That allowed us to work out the distance and time to allow between out calls. There was a mixture of times and locations; two of the clients were in need of a hotel room; they were in London on business and were happy to book into the same hotel as us. It was a little fiddly with the timing but she decided to do one of the out calls first; just one and a half miles from our hotel, the gentleman had a profile on the site and he was a 62 year old Englishman and he wanted to book for one hour ,so we booked him in for 12.00. Then there was another client on our limits about five miles away and he was looking for a two hour slot so we booked him for 15.00, then there was one more we booked in for the first day, he was staying in our hotel and he wanted a flexible time so he was booked for 19.00, well that’s a good day’s work I would say. I was still very concerned but there was little or nothing I could do, in the past when Sue has fucked guys I’ve been there for her and taking photos so nothing could go wrong with the safety aspect, but this time as soon as she walks out of the hotel room she will be on her own and anything could happen. The plan was for her to come back to the room between clients to freshen-up and change ready for the next guy. I just wish I could be there to see what’s going on, it does turn me on watching guys fucking Sue, but the thought of her doing it for money is a much bigger thrill. Well it’s time, she said, picking up her handbag and moving towards the door “wish me luck” - just be careful Sue and come straight back here when you're finished. The door closed behind her, I glanced at the clock, it was 11.35, my mind was in turmoil thinking about what she would be doing. “Hi how are you doing?” she said has she walked into the room. “Sue are you OK, was everything alright?” “Piece of cake” she said, “I told you I could do it; he was a nice old chap and he was very pleased with the service” she laughed. So what did he want you to do? “Nothing much” she smiled. “I’ll tell you all about it, but I have to take a shower, I’ve only got half an hour before I have to leave for my next appointment”. She stripped off as she walked to the shower discarding clothing on the way; she turned the shower on and stepped in, I started tidying up her clothing to put into the suitcases. The last item I picked up was her panties o my god they were absolutely soaking wet, I turned them inside out and the gusset was covered in a thick slimy goo, I’m not proud of it but I put them to my nose, it was pussy juices and maybe a hint of semen, I shuddered slightly and took a breath. Fuck I’ve been married to her for god knows how many years and I have never seen her panties in that state before. I just threw the lot into the case as she walked out of the shower and said so how was it then, like I said it’s easy money, go on give me a clue, look I’ll tell you while I’m getting dressed, I’ve only got fifteen minutes before I leave to see the next client. As she pulls out a, white Basque and French knickers with matching lace-top stockings she briefly tells me what her first client’s requirements were. Well he met me as arranged, in the hotel lobby, he was a mature short plump man wearing trousers and an open neck shirt, he was pleasant as we chatted in the lift on the way to his room. As we entered, he pointed to the money on the side table and said that’s yours, £350 as agreed, I like to get that sort of thing out of the way from the start. I put the money in my bag and sat on the bed and just said “OK that’s the business sorted out what would you like me to do for you?”. “Well I would love to see your panties” he said “…and in your advert you said you are willing to do oral and anal”. I smiled at him as if I was a naughty child, she connected the last clip on her suspenders then continued “well I lifted my arms up to encourage him to pull my little black dress over my head which he did with a degree of urgency, then his jaw dropped, he just stood there for a second before saying wow your stunning, I laughed and said I bet you say that to all your ladies. I pulled him over to me saying well let’s see if a can give you value for money as I unzipped his trousers and pulled them down with his under pants all in one smooth action”.

          “My head instinctively went forward and without looking at it or any cognitive thought I took his cock into my mouth; I had been giving this job some thought over the last few days and decided if I was going through with it I was going to give it a 110% effort. I started to relax and explore his cock with my mouth to start with my lips rolling over it from his helmet to his balls; it was a thick circumcised cock I reckon about five inches long and very stiff for an older man. My lips gripped tighter and my strokes longer I started to squeeze his balls I could feel him hitting the entrance to my throat but he was a little too short to penetrate. He placed his hands to the back of my head trying to get deeper in me, he was holding me tighter each stroke and I was finding it more and more difficult to move until he moaned and filled me with hot sticky cum, I swallowed the best I could to stop myself choking as my head was now forced tight against him. He relaxed his grip on my head to allow me to take a breath; I said did you enjoy that? He smiled and said did I ever?” “So what would you like to do now you still have another fifty minutes left, if you would like a little more fun why don’t you lay down and let’s get rid of your pants and see what I can do for you? I was so turned on by all this my pussy was dripping in anticipation. I was still fully clad in my lingerie as I straddled his semi erect cock with my satin clad camel toe fitting neatly over him. I started gently and slowly two or three inches forward and then back six inches then forward all very slowly. With each slow gentle stroke the grove between my lips got deeper and deeper, my pent up juices were seeping and oozing through the satin panties, getting very slippery down there I said quietly to him but he was on another planet I think, he didn’t say anything just smiled. His cock never went soft and little by little he came back to full strength making it impossible to keep my pussy sliding, so at the end of a stroke I lifted slightly and pulled my panties to one side, as I moved for the return stroke he slipped inside me; that feels so good I said. I continued for a time feeling him throbbing inside me but time was getting short now and I wanted him to remember me for all the right reasons. I rolled off him and went onto all fours and said come on then take me like the whore I am, I need fucking, he didn’t need asking again he went straight into my pussy and started to thrust into me. I reached around and grabbed his cock then pulled away moving back towards his cock I rubbed the tip of his cock around my anus entrance, “now fuck me!” I said and don’t stop as I pushed back onto him “come on fuck your whore, ram it into my ass, come on fuck me, fuck me don’t stop” his balls were slapping against my sloppy pussy with every stroke then an extra hard thrust and I could feel him filling my arse with cum”. Unfortunately time had ran out there was no time to freshen up I pulled my gusset back over my pussy slipped my dress on and said my goodbyes, but before I could leave he insisted on giving me a further sum, yes another £200, “I think he was pleased don’t you, James. Anyway, James are you happy now you have all the sordid details? Come on zip me up or I’ll be late for work if I don’t leave now. James by the way I don’t have time now can you sort the bookings out for tomorrow, bye, see you later”. Images flashed through my mind of those sticky cum covered panties she must have been more turned on then she has ever been with me, then the beautiful creamy white Basque and stockings she’s just put on for her next appointment, I think we have created a monster. I power up the laptop to do as I was told to ,booked tomorrow's work in for her, still thinking about her I grab her panties out of the case fascinated by the amount of moist cream still in the gusset. I put them to my face and inhale deeply and as I do the panties make contact with my face transferring some of her over me. I put them to one side for now but having that aroma as a continuous reminder of Sue’s new business venture gave me an enormous erection but that could wait, I have to make tomorrow’s bookings for her. Looking at my wrist watch it was 15.10 then looked at her bookings this was a two hour booking so I flicked straight to the clients profile to see what sort of guy my wife was fucking. Mature guy into prolonged oral both ways, Watersports, anal, face sitting, rimming, prostate massage and the list just went on and on, what was this sick fucker really into? I was getting both worried and turned on at the same time, as I unzipped my jeans my cock throbbing I started to slowly masturbate as I looked at the adverts but kept flicking back to Sue's ad; she looked so horny in her photos. I woke up, the room dark, I was on the bed with my laptop that had gone to sleep I quickly jumped to my feet and switched on the lights and checked the time; fuck it was gone six ,I was expecting Sue back at five thirty what the hell has happened to her? I picked up my phone and there was a text saying “Hi James I’ll be a little late he wanted an hour’s extension be back in time for my seven o’clock”, I’m thinking what can they be doing in a three hour session? The door opened, it was like a whirlwind as she started to discard her clothing on the way to the bathroom, “pour me a large scotch will you? I really need a shower and get ready for my seven o’clock” She was in the shower for nearly fifteen-minutes that’s the third shower today. She stepped out with a towel around her and took a gulp of the whisky, I asked how it went she but she brushed me off with not now darling I have to get dressed for dinner. She pulled out a black Basque with matching panties and stockings then threw a black cocktail dress on the bed. I watched her as she dressed wishing it was me she was meeting not some old pervert from a fucking Internet site. I asked her how long she would be with this one, she shrugged her shoulders and said “I have no Idea ,I will text you when I know, he didn’t specify a time if you remember, that’s why we booked him as the last client for today”. She smoothed her dress and said “do I look OK ? I mean respectable, remember I am going for dinner in a five-star hotel, I grimaced, no you’re going out to get fucked with that she smiled and muttered yes as she closed the door behind her. I was feeling down and left out just stuck in the room worrying about her and picking up her dirty laundry talking of which, I started picking up her last set of white lingerie that was torn off in such a frantic hurry as she rushed to the shower room. This time I just threw them into the case why torture myself by inspecting her used underwear? I poured myself a drink and turned the TV wondering what had happened this afternoon and more to the point what she was doing right now with her last client but again I drifted off. I was awoken by the telephone it was a text from Sue “ |Hi James we have finished dinner it’s now 8 o’clock and we’re going back to his room I think we should be finished by about 9.30 – 10.00 but I will text you if it’s going to be much later” well let’s see what’s on the box. Nothing much on there so I, as you will understand, flicked to the hotel porn channels again very tame but we did have Wi-Fi so I opened up the laptop and started to surf the web. My thoughts went back to Sue, I recovered her panties the royal blue pair were starting to dry out but the gusset was still so fresh and sticky I then turned my attention to the white pair my god what had happened to her I gave them a little sniff there was no sign of semen, the whole gusset was covered in about 5 mm of thick panty slime something must have really turned her on to discharged this amount pussy cum. I started wanking just at the thought, here panties in one hand and my cock in the other at the same time as looking at her profile on the adultwork website. I blow my load into Sue's sticky panties and quickly rolled them into a ball and threw them into the open suitcase then zipped myself up as I checked the time, it was ten-fifteen I flicked on the TV again and picked up my drink, now looking chilled and unconcerned. Time was getting on it was nearly eleven and she had met the guy for dinner at seven and went back to his room at eight that’s nearly four hours with a stranger and three in his hotel room what the hell are they doing? The door eventually opened it was about 11.45 Sue looked a total mess her hair looked like she had been dragged through a hedge backwards; her make-up was smudged over her face, what was left of it? I looked her up and down as I asked her if she was ok, she giggled a little and said my darling believe me I’ve never been better. I asked her where are your stockings, she smiled and pulled up her little black dress, she was totally naked her pussy swollen and red and both inner thighs were glistening and thick globules of what I can only assume are cum from a well-used pussy. I flippantly said your really should have kept your pants on your leaking, she looked down and gave a tipsy giggled then ran her hand up her inner thigh put it to her mouth and lapped it up, “yes cum again”. So tell me what happened and where is all your lingerie she looked at me smiled and said that nice man wanted to keep it as a souvenir but don’t worry he paid me to buy a new set. Sue pull your dress down and let’s get you a coffee you still haven’t told me what happened this afternoon let alone this marathon session you did tonight’ and we need to discuss your appointments for tomorrow. What the hell she said just pour me a fucking drink I’ve been working hard all day so let me relax and I’ll tell you a little more about my day she laughed. She put one leg up on the coffee table with the other out to one side, not very lady like I thought but looking at the redness and swelling when she lifted her dress, she probably needs some cool air around it. Well I’ve told you most of what happened on my 12 o’clock appointment, then there was the 3 o’clock, that went over his two hours and nearly made me late for my dinner appointment so what more do you want to know she smiled, I gave her a filthy look and she smiled OK I’ll tell you. Well it was a long taxi ride to the client's flat and if you remember I had that lovely creamy white satin Basque and lingerie on, I had a shower before I put it on but I don’t think we left enough time between clients, I must have got myself more excited than I thought with the older guy this morning. As the old rickety taxi bounced over all the bumps on the way, I could feel cum starting to flood out into my satin panties, I squirmed around trying to stop the flow but it just covered my gusset with cream; I had no choice but to continue there was no time to turn around so with a brave face I rang the buzzer and was invited up to the flat, when the lift door opened there was a man standing in the door of one of the apartments I assumed this was the client, I started walking towards him, he was wearing a nicely cut business suit and in his late fifties maybe a little older relatively slim looking. He said in a quiet voice “hi is it Sue, come this way please”, he showed me into a very modern apartment lovely and clean with wooden floors and white upholstered furniture. He took my coat and offered me a glass of Champaign, which I happily accepted, then he gestured for me to take a seat. He pressed a remote control and soft music came on and the curtains moved gracefully across the picture window. He came and sat down next to me I squirmed a little as I felt more cream exiting me into my panties, he started talking to me softly then put his arm around me as we both sipped our Champaign and listened to the soft classical music. He started kissing and nibbling my ear then my neck before asking me if I would like another drink, I again accepted but thinking to myself I’ve been here nearly half an hour, does he want me to make a move on him, but he was very relaxed and seemed happy to go at a snail's pace, that’s probably why he booked two hours with me. He returned with the drinks and put his arm around me again and moved his lips onto my neck teasing and kissing me, his lips slid smoothly over my chin then made contact with mine, my lips went into autopilot opening for him to explore me deeply in the French style of kissing. Still in our passionate embrace he helps me off with my dress, our kissing paused briefly just long enough to pull the dress over my head, he stopped got to his feet and just gazed at me making me a little uncomfortable in a way, after all I was feeling a little vulnerable sat there in my lingerie. He sat down with me again and continued kissing deep and patiently running his hands over my breasts feeling them through the satin Basque then over the lace part of my panties until he reached the satin crotch, he worked his fingers up and down I could hear the embarrassing squelching sound coming for between my legs. I can hear that Champagne has done the trick he chuckled and I smiled with relief then resumed kissing him as he worked my panties into my soaking lips and deep inside me. I was getting a little concerned we were over an hour into it and I was not doing my job I needed to make a move on him, so I pushed him away from me he looked at me as if to say what have I done wrong, I told him to lay back and let me help him off with his trousers and with that he became compliant. I unzipped him then took off his shoes and removed the trousers no problem, I then went to unlace my Basque he said no please don’t do that leave it on you look beautiful in it. I went down to my knees it was obvious from the bulge in his boxers he was excited to see me down there with him, I gently pulled them down to reveal his beautifully shaved cock I took a gentle grip of it and slowly pull back his foreskin, revealing his bulbous shiny gland my lips move closer and let my breath waft over it. He was breathing heavily as I slowly and deliberately ran my tongue around and over his frenulum just enough for him to feel it and the same time my breath was bathing it with warm moist air. Cupping his balls with my other hand my fingers finding his testicals and very gently rolled them individually between my fingers and thumb, his moans became much more audible prompting me to move my attention to his pee-hole whilst still playing with his balls my tongue rolls around and around his pee-hole then I dip the tip in and out slowly opening it up little by little. He was now moaning and groaning it was music to my ears the more noise he made the deeper I pushed my tongue into his cock and squeezed his balls, then I got a faint taste of cum so I started to masturbate him in long firm and slow strokes. I let my lips slip over his bulbous head easing my tongue out of his pee-hole I worked it around and around his head whilst sucking on it. Then he screamed out and I slid immediately down his shaft letting him into my throat to deliver his load. I wiped a dribble off my chin and lay on top of him and gave him a little kiss then said was that good for you, he returned with a massive smile saying it was the best time he had ever had and that most escorts won’t even kiss their clients let alone be so tender and thoughtful. He looked up at the wall clock with a grimace “I can’t believe you have been here nearly two hours you must stay longer can you stay the night, please say you can” I apologised telling I had a dinner appointment with my husband at seven and had to get back to shower. He looked back at the wall clock and said well at least stay another hour, I’ll pay in fact I would willingly pay you double, I told him it’s not all about the money but I could stay another hour but would have to text you, to let you know I was ok. So James that’s when I sent you the text I didn’t want to worry you by being late, anyway do you want me to continue, yes “well pour me another scotch then”. My client passed me another small glass of wine and said shell we take it through to the bedroom he lay down, I joined him I took a sip of my drink and put it on the side table. I chuckled, now what are we going to do with that, as I gave his limp cock a gentle slap with the palm of my hand, he said do with it whatever you want it’s yours. With that I went straight down on him taking it into my mouth deep and deliberate long strokes and lengthening by the second as his cock started to grow into my mouth. He pulled me towards him turning me into position for a sixty-nine so I instinctively lifted my leg over him his hands were on me in an instant one on each cheek with his thumbs rubbing the gusset of my panties but I was so turned on and dripping wet from my days work my swollen lips parted taking my panties deep inside me. His cock was now throbbing again I was almost there and the sounds coming from my pussy were so incredibly loud and almost sloppy. He pulled my panties to one side allowing my fat pussy lips to gape as he did, I pushed back my lips just spread over his face and his tongue got to work darting deep into me lapping up whatever he could find inside me. I pulled away from his cock and started grinding myself on his face screaming as my orgasm took me over I was totally out of control and just as my explosive orgasm subsided the next wave came over me, my lips spread over his face I don’t know or even care how he was breathing I could not stop myself. I slid my pussy over his chin and onto his chest leaving a snail trail down his body taking a grip of his still throbbing cock and rubbed it up and down my wet slit and over my clit time and time again’ I could feel another orgasm looming as I suddenly thrust my hips forward taking it instantly deep inside me, I could hear him gasping from behind but that was of no concern at this point, I was single minded and I knew exactly what I wanted. With each hip thrust he was driven deeper and deeper inside me until his balls were rubbing my clit intensifying my experience thrust by thrust. I just kept grinding into him I could feel his cock throbbing and hear him moaning and groaning but this was for me. He started to thrust then stopped a split second later my pussy was flooded with spunk I could feel the warmth around my cervix so deep inside me sending me into spasms it must have been crushing on his cock, I fell forwards spent and gasping for breath. Partly recovered, his hands reached for my waist and he gently guided me back in the sixty-nine position his cock freed from my grip it flopped out along with a torrent of mixed juices. His mouth was working miracles on cleaning me up but time was getting on and I needed to unfortunately slip my dress back on and run for a cab as I so need to get back for a shower and change for my seven o’clock dinner date. So James that was basically the afternoon the time just flew by but it didn’t give me much time to get shower and ready for this evenings meeting, well you were fifteen minutes why so long, well I didn’t want the same experience as I had travelling to my three o’clock meeting with my panties being flooded with cum so I slipped the shower up me and let it run until I was well and truly washed out. OK so what happened with tonight’s booking you took ages I know there was no fix time but I was a little worried about you. Come on James do you really want me to go through it all with you it’s getting late but I will if you're interested, James smiles and said yes tell me all the details………… As I closed the door on you, I was so worked up I’d been rushing from meeting to meeting all day long I hadn’t had time to eat, but I did consume some protein. I stood outside the hotel door to get my bearings and to calm down I wanted to make a good impression; this was a new client in a nice hotel just the sort of client I will need if I’m going to grow my new business. When I said I thought this was just a one-off experiment for you trying to prove being a whore was easy” James, do you what to know what went on earlier. I smoothed my dress took a deep breath and walked to the lift, the doors opened and I walked out in to the bar and reception area next to the restaurant. Walking as elegantly as I could, given I was wearing very high stilettos and my pussy was so swollen from my hard day’s work I was actually struggling to get my legs together. As I approached the bar one of the gents wearing a dark lounge suit turned to me “Sue” I just said yes hi, and with that he invited me to sit at the bar next to him but it’s never easy you know’ bar stools; cocktail dresses and long lacy stocking tops, he must be a gentleman he never mentioned it. A glass of Champagne was poured for me as we toasted our first meeting we clinked glasses and at the same time he leant forward placing his hand on the top of my leg and gave me a peck on my cheek. His hand remained in place for the duration of our conversation with his fingers delving and exploring my stocking tops. He whispered in my ear dear I want you and I’m going to have you ever inch of you tonight what do you think of that, then he smiled, I smiled back and cheekily said I always give value for money, he quickly snapped back and said we had better get you back to the room I’ll order room service. God I was feeling so horny again I know he is old or at best very mature but I was really getting into this feeling horny all the time my pussy was on fire the only thing stopping me bursting into flame was the flow of my juices. So I said I’m in no hurry I’m on the clock so it’s entirely up to you I’m just here to please you I said with a beaming smile, I put my hand on his and opened my legs just a little and move his hand up my thigh his fingertips just reached my wet crotch just for a second before closing them again. He went scarlet and I thought to myself I need to take it easy with him not sure how his blood pressure will cope. He called the bartender over and asked him if he had a copy of the room service menu, the bar man never smiled, but the corners of his mouth turned up a little as he handed us the menu, to be honest just a sandwich will do for me I said. My mind was not really on food it was on business now I am an experienced escort I needed to be in control, a little more to make things go more smoothly this time. I looked at him and tried to work out what he would like, and what he will be into will he want a quickie or something more, I thought he would like oral at least probably vaginal not sure about anal but I could give him the option I suppose. I was snapped out of my deep thoughts when he said shall we go to the room when you have finished your drink, I’ve ordered a couple of bottles of wine and a selection of sandwiches, OK do you mind if I quickly text the office they like to know when I’m in a room with a client just a safety thing. In the lift he reaches around and cups my cheek I immediately felt that now recognisable feeling of wet sticky gusset something that had not really happened before my very recent career change, this morning I said to him I do hope your feeling as horny as I am, as I put my hand between his legs and gave him a gentle squeeze, his jaw dropped in surprise. The door opened we walked to his room when we entered, room service had laid out the sandwiches and drinks on the coffee table next to a nice leather sofa. He said ok shell we eat then I remembered what I said to myself earlier take control I said yes why not I’m feeling very peckish, and put an arm around his shoulder and started to kiss him passionately giving me the chance to unzip him and reach into his pants and pull out his flaccid cock, I slipped down his body with a great deal of grace I thought muttering to him well not peckish ravenous. We no hesitation my lips went around his cock and I sucked him into my mouth keeping the oral vacuum on, as I played around his cock with my tongue. My lips slide up and down him as he started to swell and lengthen; without stopping or even slowing down I reached up and unbuttoned him releasing his trousers and pants letting them full around his ankles. Both of his hands took a firm grip on the back of my head as he started to what only can be described fuck me ramming his semi hard cock into my mouth grunting like an animal with each thrust. Then my face was held tightly against him with his grunts turning into something between a scream and a growl, he emptied his balls into my mouth I swallowed as quickly as I could to save from choking. He just held me there for a good while the slowly pulled out helped me to my feet I looked him in the eye and said to him with passion “fancy a sandwich then I’m starving”. Taking a sip of wine to wash down the food, I asked him what he wanted to do, or has he finish with me as it’s already nine and he never did put a time down when he booked. Well dear he said if you can spare me a few more hours I would be a very happy man lol. OK I said so what would you like to do or would you like me to find out what turns you on, I think I would like to explore your body to start with then see where we go from there, so where do you want me. I lay on my back on the bed he was starting to pull off my shoes the first one slipped off he took my stocking clad foot in his hand and started to massage it firmly but slowly then lifted my foot to his mouth and started to suck my toes one at a time while still rubbing and massaging my feet. This was a strange new experience for me but one I could happily get accustom to especially feeling the way I did. He continued on to the other foot but this time his hands moved up to my ankles and calves, god this was seriously starting to turn me on I’m not sure I can take much more of this, why don’t he just fuck me and get it over with like most men. His hands moved over my knees feeling my nylons and massaging my legs at the same time, my black cocktail dress was hiding the fact that my lingerie was soaking wet before we entered the room and flooded now after all this evening’s attention. As he moved up, my legs started to spread as his body moved slowly between them he was feeling and savoring every inch he touched. He lifted my dress over his head and continues on his journey of exploration his mouth and tongue running over my stocking then he found my fleshy thighs at the top. His open mouth covering my thighs inch by inch his left hand slipped up my dress and started to, prod, push and rub my wet gusset making that unmistakable sloppy crotch sound, he had better slowdown, or I would cum over his hand or in his face. He pulled my panties to one side and his fingers started to enter me, my lips were swollen from a hard day’s work and wet from an evening of teasing and titillation, so they slipped inside me with total ease, and then a fourth finger slipped in and I could feel him positioning his thumb and then he starts to hand fuck me I know from experience he won’t get his fist in but he was stretching me wide and fucking me faster and faster. That sloppy wet pussy sound got louder and louder then completely drowned out by my screams of ecstasy as the most powerful climax I have had in years surged through me, the harder he thrust his hand up me and the rougher he was with me just kept me in a continuous orgasm. His thumb slipped out and found my arse then he continued I was starting to feel more like a floppy glove puppet, totally controlled by him. I was still panting hard when he said you’re a real whore aren’t you, then he sat me up and said well let’s look at you, take that dress off. He approved of my black lacy Basque and panties then he part pushed and part guided me down on the bed face down, then pulled my panties down to my stocking tops, giving me a sharp but not unpleasant slap on my cheeks. He straggled me then slapped me a few more times my legs bound to gether by my panties and his position on top of me. I have always had a thigh gap which he now took full advantage of pushing his hand into the gap knuckles up the almost fist fucks my gap punching into it with each thrust my lips were spreading over his knuckles and hand covering him with my juices. His weight lifted off me for a few second then I could feel him, his cock had replace the fist his legs were forcing mine closer together tightening my inner thighs and wet pussy to grip his cock. He bent forward his weight and size trapping me against the bed his fingers working through my hair bunching it and gripping as if it was the mane of a horse he was riding bareback. He was talking all the time “you like a real man don’t you, you like it rough” he was taking long hard strokes then at the top of a stroke he thrust hard down again but missed his target and went balls deep up my arse I screamed out but this just spurred him on, his pace quickened I relaxed and started to push back onto each stroke. It was not long before he was spent, I could feel the warm load pumping deep inside me, and then he flopped his weight down on my back and released his grip on my hair. I could hear the sound as his cock slipped out of me as he rolled off, I turned on my side so I could see him and thought this really can’t be good for his health at his age, but he’s survived. Pulling my panties back into position as I through my legs off the bed and sat up I said, “well did you enjoy that” he answered with a broad smile “so will that be all sir lol” he nodded and smiled again so I got to my feet and reached out for my dress, slipped it over my head then let it fall into place. He said stop, could I have a souvenir I looked at him, just something to remember you by “like what, what sort of thing” I would love to keep your lingerie, I said what you want my panties their soaking wet, he went silent then said all of it including your lovely stockings and Basque I will pay you what it cost you or more. I looked at him intensely through my eyes back then stripped there and then tossing each item to him as they were removed then slipped my dress back on saying if I catch a cold, I will blame you. That horrendous noise of the alarm going off at seven o’clock is not what I wanted to hear after such a busy day, but as part of this experiment I had two days’ work to do. James had got me a cup of tea ready and was sitting and staring at the laptop, I asked him how he was getting on. He said there’s no way, there’s just no way I can sort this out, there are twenty-three applicants want to meet you today so how do we deal with that? I said how come there are so many there were only a few yesterday, I’m pretty sure it’s down to the feedback from the clients yesterday, it’s unbelievable what they have said about you, it sounds like you did a lot more for them than you told me, well done. Anyway, let me have a look at the list of guys that want to meet today and see how we can fit them in, OK let’s split them into length of booking, time of day, then location to start with and that should give us a good idea of the best way. OK so we have seven for this morning, eleven want the afternoon and five this evening. I see that twelve of them are wanting quickies, seven are wanting one-hour bookings and three want two hours and the other wants a four hour. Well there’s no way I’m even going to attempt all of them it’s impossible and I wasn’t going to work this morning but most of the guys for the morning are after quickies and there just fifteen minutes each so I could make a start at ten o’clock and book four in for this morning in the room if your happy to meet them in the hotel lounge and just send them up to the room. I could have a shower then do some one-hour clients say a twelve a two and a four o’clock, but only the ones that are very close to the hotel, unless you will let me use the room to entertain them. Then the more valuable two-hour clients at six and nine, what do you think, that sound like a plan, shall I get on with in and confirm the bookings? Go on just go for it. After a hot steamy shower, I slip on a long satin dressing gown over my smooth shaven body and wait for the knock on the door, this is going to take skill, experience and stamina, I have to de-spunk four guys in a very short time and get excellent feedback, but I’m determined to make it work, the only way it’s going to work is if I take full control, James was to remind them that it was a quickie not a full escort experience to try and control their expectations. I opened the door then closed it behind him, my hand on the young mans chest pressing him back against the door, with my dressing gown gaping open I slithered down his body to my knees, the bulge in his suit trousers indicated the idea of a quickie was exciting him somewhat. I pulled down the zipper then pulled aside his underwear to allow his cock to spring out. I held his cock and cupped his bulls, I never tried to wank him off I always think that’s a bit sixth form don’t you, so my lips pressed against his helmet and slid down his shaft, slowly working up and down each time deeper and deeper until I was almost gagging on it. Low moans and groans indicated I was hitting the spot but then I swallowed, and his balls were resting on my chin, he suddenly grabbed the back of my head and jerked the last half-inch down my throat before blowing his load. Holding me there he said, fuck me that was a quickie I will never forget, but I couldn’t reply while his throbbing helmets was stuck down my throat. I brushed my hair and used some mouth wash, I slipped a finger between my lips and realized How turned on this was making me but no time to dwell on it now, as there was a knock on the door. As I opened the door, I let my dressing gown full open putting a massive smile on this gent’s face. I guided him to the bed and sat him about halfway down the length then pushed him back and helped to lift his legs and feet towards the pillows. His head hanging over the foot of the bed, I straddled him letting my pussy gape as he stared up. He jokingly said the views in this room are to die for, as he laughed out, I kept my legs spread but ridged at the knees as I bent forward to unzip him. I took is cock in hand and started to do the sixth form thing a nice slow wank, with the other hand I slipped my fingers in my gaping sloppy pussy, first two, then three, then stretching myself I got a fourth in. My juices were dripping onto his face. I bent double with my knees stills straight one hand each side of his hips, I opened my mouth and swallowed his cock all the way to his balls. He was throbbing and pulsing, I thought this is not going to take long as is helmet bumped in and out of my throat. In this position I couldn’t finger his arse or squeeze his balls I had to rely on pure oral. His swollen cock throbbing in my throat I could taste pre-cum, I bent my knees, I could feel his nose part my lips as my lips spread over his face, seconds later I was swallowing his cum. Wow, halfway through this morning’s work, who could have believed how much I was going to enjoy doing this. Just time for a hair brushing, mouth rinse and a glass of water before the next client. My pussy was getting very gaped and swollen, that’s just the way I get when I’m really turned on. I opened the door to a mature man, my dressing gown open with every think on show. He pushed past me and closed the door, taking hold of my shoulders he pressed me against the wall and started kissing me his tongue forcing its way deep into my mouth, without pausing his right hand reach down and pulled out his cock. Forcing it firmly against my gaping lips I parted, he entered and grunted as he slammed it deep up me. Slow hard forceful strokes battering my cervix bringing back memories of my younger years being fucked outside of nightclubs. He reaches back grabbing my arse cheeks pulling me onto each thrust, then he stopped kissing, one last thrust and loud grunt his grip pulling me onto his throbbing cock he delivered his load. His cock slips out along with a load of cum which I hear splatter onto the wooden floor, he said nothing, just zipped up opened the door and left leaving me with my legs quivering and a pool of cum on the floor. I thought to myself what the fuck has just happened, wow. Just time for a very quick clean-up before the last of the morning quickies arrive. Bent over with some tissues wiping the cum from the wooden floor there’s a knock on the door, I opened it and led the young man to the bed, asking what would you like to do. He replied shyly saying he would like sex, Mmm I thought what does he mean by sex. I let my dressing gown fall to the floor leaving me totally naked in front of him saying I’m all yours, take me any way you like. He rapidly stripped off, but the funny thing was he left his socks on. I as standing in front of him, he started to feel my breast like he had never seen a pair of tits, he then kissed my breasts and sucked on my nipples. Feeling up and down my naked body he went to his knees and started licking around my shaven pussy, taking some flesh into his mouth. My legs were tightly together but he managed to rub a finger into my thigh gap. I looked down and his cock was sticking out stiff as a poker, throbbing and twitching you could have hung a towel over it, I thought this guy is not familiar to this at all. Would you like to lay on the bed with me I said, he smiled so we lay down flesh to flesh. My arms around him I started to gently kiss him on the lips, his hands were sliding allover me cupping my breast then sliding down me. He parted my pussy lips and felt the slippery insides of a real woman not a wet sock. I could hear the familiar sound of my squelching pussy as his fingers were darting in and out of me. His hard cock pressing against my tummy he then maneuvers it closer to his target, I feel the helmet starting to slide up and down my slit trying to find the opening he so wanted. Then without any warning I feel his hot spunk over my vulva and lips as his uncontrolled load spurts out. He looked shy, ashamed. I carry on kissing and reassured him that it happens to loads of men and I take it as a compliment. I stepped out of the shower, James was sitting in the chair by the window with a cup of coffee and a pile of cash on the table, wow, what have you got there for me, £400 between them, not bad for one and a half hours work. It’s a good job your next client his coming to the hotel for your appointment or you would be short of time. I will do the same as with the quickies, wait in the hotel bistro, but how did you get on doing the quickies this morning, were they all satisfied. Well they all seemed to be satisfied but there’s very little I can do in fifteen minutes, let’s put it another way four guys and four loads of cum. My phone rang, it was James, Sue don’t be surprised but I’ve just sent your client up in the lift, he’s in a wheelchair. I opened the door and stood out of the way as the guy squeezed into the room, I said hi how are you today, then walked back to shut the door. So what sort of thing do you want, well he explained that he could not be sexually active due to his injury some years ago but he misses the company of ladies and still loves the feeling and warmth of a body against him. I smiled back at him and said well let me get out of these clothes and see what we can do, I slowly stripped off teasingly just inches from him, he kept reaching out and feeling me. I said do you mind if I sit down for a while, the puzzled look on his face changed to a broad smile as I through one leg over the wheelchair arm. My tits were nearly in his face, so I laid back pushing my pussy towards him. My legs were spread so very wide over the arms, made my pussy gape like I’ve never seen before. I slid my fingers inside and again that wonderful squelching sound with my pussy just inches from his face, I pulled my fingers out and offered them up to his mouth which he hungrily received. He started to feel my inner thighs and then grabbing my lips he tried to open me even more, gazing deep into my inner soul. One finger at a time slipped into me, I was soaking wet with excitement as he managed to get his thumb in as well, rotating his hand back and forth, centimeter by centimeter he was sinking into me, then my lips closed around his wrist. His hand was exploring inside me, I could feel he had my cervix cupped in the palm of his hand, he was not fisting me it was more of a gynecological exploration. This was so different such a turn on, I leant forward allowing him to suck on my tits, god he was getting me so close. His fingers working over my cervix and found the entrance, my god I’ve never heard of this before, but he was actually fingering my cervix, yes, my fucking cervix. He knew what he was doing I could feel every move he made, I was going to cum, it was unbelievable how good it felt. I could see the determined look on his face as I started moaning with pleasure and there was no coming back from this the only way was to let go and cum. He was thrilled, he wanted nothing more he just wanted to pleasure a woman. James cam into the room all apologetic, sorry I didn’t know the guy was disabled when he booked, I said you’ve got to be joking he was fantastic, I’ve just cum like never before. A puzzled look on his face but I just said don’t worry I’ll tell you later when I have more time. But now I need to shower again before the next booking a two, it’s so much better seeing them in the hotel room it gives me that little bit more time to clean up and get ready. I think I’m working a little too hard I said, I can’t get my legs together and I still have four more clients today, I do hope there not into tight neat little pusses. I pulled on my stockings and smoothed down my dress just in time for my two o’clock, come on in I said with a beaming smile, can I get you a drink, he declined, so what would you like, I offer all services just point me it the right direction. Well I do like oral, but I can’t get it up if you use a condom, so will you do bareback at all. I smiled and said I give a full service whatever you want you can have, and I do mean anything. He went into great detail telling me about his wife won’t do oral or anal and they are the two things that really turn him on. Well if you give me a great review on the website, I will do both for you, how does that sound, he said nothing just started stripping off. He was on the bed in seconds, so I took his cock deep into my mouth and started sucking him off, he was so quickly throbbing hard, I let go and knelt on the bed like a doggy, so come on fuck my arse you know you want to. His knob-end pressed against my arse-hole I pushed back and he started to sink into me, he started fucking me frantically, balls deep up me, there’s no way he would last long like that so I let him get close then pulled away and started sucking his cock again. His cum flooded into my mouth, I had to swallow so quickly to keep up with the flow. When he was finished, I said how was that for you then, unbelievable I didn’t imagine you would do arse to mouth. Well as I said it’s a new business and I’m looking for good reviews and I do hope you will give me one, I know one hour booking is a bit rushed so try a longer booking next time and see what I can really do. I was getting into a rhythm, sex shower sex shower, James was talking to me while I was getting my make-up on for my four-o’clock appointment. He was asking if I was enjoying the work, but to be honest I was not there for my enjoyment at all, guys were paying me to do a job and if I’m taking money for it I will always do the very best I can. I slipped my dress over my head and down over some very nice silk lingerie, I sat down by James and put on my stilettos, I’m all done how do I look. James smiled and said you look great so fucking sexy. I asked if he had any idea what the next client was like, he had no idea, so I was going to have to wing it again, but I was getting more and more experience at this. James went to kiss me as he left the room, I pulled away and said cash first and laugh, no, just don’t spoil the make-up. This time James just give him the room number and keycard I want to look good when he enters the room, with take he closed the door behind him. I poured a glass of wine and lay on the bed with the pillows in my back so I could sit up. The door opened and a man in his early sixties walked in gingerly, Sue he said, yes how are you today. I offered him a seat by the table and suggested he poured himself a glass of wine, so how can I help you today. He was very quiet and a little shy I thought, so I put my glass on the side table and started to trace my shape through my cocktail dress lingering over the more strategic parts, would you like to get to know me a little better. Please carry on I love seeing a lady pleasuring herself, well I’m here for you when ever you want to join in. I pull my dress over my head and through it to the floor leaving me lying there in my lingerie. I was wearing French knickers so was able to pull the crutch to one side exposing my shaven pussy. He shuffled the chair around to get a closer view of me, as I teased open my lips with the tips of one finger, I move it slowly up and down my slit occasionally resting and pressing against my clit sending a shiver down my spine each time. My fingertips started to glisten with my juices which I kept putting to my mouth and sucking periodically, I was getting very turned on, and I could see he was too. He was now so close to me; he had his cock out masturbating as he watched me, I went deeper inside my very wet pussy making it squelch again, I do love that sound. Now with two fingers up me I could feel myself getting close, I started to moan a little, he was now perched on the bed, my hand was moving faster and faster then I started rubbing my clit hard and fast moaning louder and louder. My back arched and I started to quiver, shake and scream out with a fantastic orgasm. I flopped down onto the bed, he made his move, his mouth opened wide and took pretty much my whole pussy in it. His tongue digging deep into my cum filled pussy sucking out my juices and swallowing frantically. He was still wanking his semi hard cock as he performed some great oral on me. After half an hour of deep oral he climbed on top of me my lips were parted, and he sank all the way into me. It made such a pleasant surprise having a man do it missionary style it’s by far my favorite position. Deep long strokes in and out just never fails to bring me to a climax, his time was nearly up but we were both so close I had to let him finish. I must say it was one of my best experiences of the whole weekend. James walked into the room with a plate of sandwiches and asked how it went, well I was in the shower again, just a very quick freshen up and a change of clothes. I said, the next meeting is two hours isn’t it James, yes a six till eight then the last one is nine till eleven, then that’s the weekend finished and I do hope we can get back to normal, I laughed and said, you know this could be the new normal. James didn’t look at all happy about this, no, not happy at all. I said to James, I think giving the key card and room number seems to work the best for me so let’s do that again with the six o’clock punter. OK but don’t forget to pace yourself with this one two hours is a long time to be with a man. The door opened, I walked out of the bathroom and said hi, then put my arms around him and gave him a kiss, my names Sue, tell me what your into and I will see what I can do to please you. Well I’ve been following you for years on the internet, many years, I noticed your add, on adultwork last night and decided to drive up from the midlands to see you, I’ve been wanting to meet you for so long. Are that’s so nice, I see you have booked for two hours so you must have an idea of what you want. Well everything really, I looked at all your videos and photos, I’ve seen all those guys fucking your every hole, I want it, I want to try it all. Wow, that’s a big ask, so where do I start with you, I slid down and took out his throbbing cock and started to suck him off, he was moaning instantly, I had to decide whether to make him last or get him to cum and repeat. While I was thinking about it mine mined was made up with a powerful jet of cum shooting into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could, but it was still dribbling from my mouth, my god he wanted and needed that so bad. Well well well, I said, how long have you been storing that up for me, he shyly said sorry I just didn’t expect you to suck like that I knew all the guys on the net say they cum so quickly with you, I thought it was bullshit, but there is no way I could have held back. I suggested that we got him out of his clothes and see if I could find a way to entertain him some more. I climbed on top of him as he lay limp on the bed, I straddled him and gripped my pussy lips and pulled them wide apart, so do you remember my massive labia’s from my photos, shell we see what they can be used for, with that I lowered myself onto his limp cock and started sliding back and forth over his cock my juices leaving a silky slime over it, as I do a cock slide on him. Nice and slow making sure I had his cock and balls in my pussy groove, he was fully inside me but not up me, as I slid back and forth over his limp cock. After a little perseverance there was hope after all, I had to lengthen my slide and I could start to feel his cock start to thicken up slightly, I started talking dirty, telling him what I was going to do with him. He was still on the limp side, but hard enough to slip up my hole while I was cock sliding, that changed nothing I kept sliding back and forth, his cock up me and his balls covered with my labia lips. I would love to say I was great, and he got an instant hard on, but I had to continue riding him for a good twenty minutes before I had him hard again. He was moaning and trying to thrust into me, so I rolled off and lay on my front, with a finger I traced down between my cheeks and pushed it up my arse to the second knuckle, you said you wanted to try every thing I do, help yourself. Needing no more encouragement he went into a plank hovering above me, I used both hands to spread my cheeks before he lowered himself into me. His juice covered cock could not be resisted by simply clenching and with very little resistance he was balls deep up my arse. It felt so good laying there with him frantically fucking me, face down pulling my cheeks apart so he could get as deep as possible. The second cumming always takes longer and I could feel sweat dripping onto my back as I pushed my arse up to meet his strokes. He had worked so hard for this, pounding hard in and out, it was not making love I was being fucked, my arse will be destroyed, then loud moans and he pushed hard into me pressing me to the bed as his load flooded my bowels. He was still for a long time still inside me and panting and recovering. When his cock eventually flopped out there was little time left but I offed him a shower to clean up before he drives back to his wife in the Midlands. I was taking a few minutes rest when James walked in, he was a little drunk but reminded me that the next client will be hear in forty-five minutes, so off to the shower. James laughed and said smile, this is the last client, I bet you can’t even remember the guys you have fucked this weekend. James did you get the room key off the last client, yes that’s how I knew you were finished. I was sitting on the chair by the coffee table freshly showered, I was relaxed and feeling so much more confident in my abilities to do the job. Sipping a glass of wine, wearing a lovely long charcoal grey silk dressing gown, I start to reflect on my weekends work and looking down at my perfectly shaven but now swollen pussy, and I can’t stop squirming and fidgeting a little sitting on my used arse-hole. Although I have brushed my teeth and used mouth wash, I can still occasionally get the faint taste of cum. I was snapped out of my daydream when the door opened and a casually dressed but smart looking guy walked in, I reckon he was late forties with a lovely smile. Hi, I take it your Sue, if not I’m in trouble he laughs, that I am, I say, why don’t you come and join me in a glass of wine. We start chatting, and I say casually, so what sort of things are you into, as I let my silk dressing gown fall open showing my full nakedness. There was an uncomfortable silence broken by me saying it’s ok there are no extras I offer a fully inclusive service. I said, tell you what, let me get thinks going and you just do what ever feels natural and good for you. I get to my feet leaving the sild gown floating open and kneel down in front of him as he was sitting in the chair with a glass in hand. I said just relax and enjoy your wine, my hands run over his thighs and up to pull down his zip and ease out his cock, I take my time it was a nice smooth-shaven uncut example. As I leaned forward, I gently pulled back his foreskin and slid my lips over his bulbus head, then started to gently masturbate him. Is flaccid cock was no more as I ceased the wanking and starting using my mouth, my lips sliding up and down his shaft. I was loving his pulsing cock, but I just knew from experience he would not last long like this, I needed to try and keep him on the edge as long as I could. I took a break to let him calm down, I pulled off his shoes, socks and pants before returning my mouth to his cock. I was taking very long strokes, all the way to the tip them pursing my lips to let is cock penetrate, then letting my head sink down until his balls were on my chin, all the time controlling the pace to keep him on the edge. He was starting to throb and hump, I thought he needs some time out so I got to my feet and picked up my wine glass and took a sip. I pulled my dressing gown from my shoulders and let it fall to the floor saying, do you like. Fuck yes he said, I stood to the side of him then through a leg over, straddling him, I pushed my arse to his chest then slowly slid down, taking his cock in my hand I started rubbing it up and down my slit letting my lips part and deposit my juices over his helmet. I located the tip against my hole and moved his cock in a circular motion then as soon as this tip had made an entrance, I took my hand away and simply slid right down hid shaft. He gasped and put his glass down then reach round and cupped my tits and started to fondle them. I started to ride his cock, then I screamed out, fuck that hurt as he pinched hard on my nipples, no don’t stop it makes me cum every time I said, one of his hands slid away then the next thing he started fingering my used arse-hole, first one, then two, o god I was going to cum. I was bouncing up and down on his cock, he was squeezing and pinching my nipples and trying to get his hand up my arse. I screamed out, you bastard, you bastard I’m cumming, I can’t stop cumming. I was limp like a rag doll I’d not cum like that in years, I climbed off and apologized, I’m now a pro and I should be the one making you cum, a massive grin on his face and said will that’s why the ladies like me. I took a short time to take a sip of wine before re-engaging and getting back to my knees, his cock was covered in my cum juice, more head but this time he was way more forceful, with his hands on the back of my head he slowly started to clean up his cock, tasting and swallowing all I could find. I started giving him some was pushing me hard down and holding each time until he was in my throat. I was gagging occasionally but that didn’t stop him, his cock was now so hard, throbbing and swollen. He cried out a little then changed his grip on my head, now holding the sides of my head so he could pull me up and push me down onto him. He thrust his hips and his bulbus head was in my throat as massive jets of spunk flowed down my throat. I was eventually released to take a breath; I gulped a lung full of air and said was that good, he smiled and said, worth every penny. When James came into the room, I was laying on the bed stark naked and totally exhausted, it felt like my holes were gaping, my lips were swollen, and lipstick spread over my face, James said well you maid it through the weekend I never thought you would manage such a grueling challenge. Is the room for one more he said, my words were fuck off you arse. I so needed a shower when I woke up, when I when to walk to the bathroom I could hardly walk my pussy was so swollen, and my arsehole didn’t feel in the right place at all. I persevered and the hot water helped but didn’t take down the swelling. We

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