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Tower Hamlets, Greater London, United Kingdom

I have my lease on the beach house for the African Summer Season 21/22 and might still be able to return to Blighty in Spring 2022. This gives the time to plan for fully funded shoots in UK, Spain, Amsterdam and perhaps Thailand. There are a few projects listed at the end of the profile that have paying gigs for performers. Feel free to reach out and let's collaborate. We are a clever bunch and will find a way to make Covid-19  & Putin a history never to be repeated.

Stay safe and let's find new ways to create and stimulate the senses.

And Now Back to the Profile

Photographer, videographer & editor by trade, who shoots, captures & cuts fodder for media organisations who want Action Sports, Event coverage, Models & Celebs picture power. Trying to retire, but discovering that there is life left at the end of my pension. Covid really drained my pension plan so I am busy with a new adventure, which we are calling the Sir Smallcoxxx phase and I am currently developing and raising funds to shoot these projects.

Fetish Tales

A Topsy Turvey interpretation of the Brothers Grimm classic- Little Red Hood. The script and storyboard are currently being developed, with a view to casting in Q1 2022, funding for Q2 and production Q3.

If you are interested in any of the following roles or wish to collaborate, feel free to drop me a DM.

    Little Red Ryder - Pre-op Transwoman with Gothic intent

    Woodsmam - Female Body Builder who is good with an axe and a strap-on 

   The Wolves - BDSM Studs who serve the MILFDom

    The MILFDom - The Evil Mistress of Kink Kastle 

    Bound Girls - Nude Models aged 18 - 36 who are tied and restrained  

    Gran's Girls - 3 Mature BBWs


Sir Smallcoxxx 

The Sir Smallcoxxx project ticks multiple adult entertainment genres and is designed to be easy to shoot. The protagonist is an 80s throwback somewhere between Jacob Rees-Mogg, John Cleese and Ben Dover with a small dick & ooodles of cash. The kind of twat you find in classic Range Rover or Jag, double parked at the pub. 

"Tally ho lets go hunt and all that, what what, nudge nudge, say no more" are the typical phrases we hear him say as Sir Smallcoxxx travels around the world proving that Pornstars and Girls don't care about size and will do anything for Cash! Does size really count when you have plastic and cash? 

Working on the theory that everybody has their price, Smallcoxxx, has spent millions over the years paying for sex. This has given him an insight on how to negotiate a price for pussy and then plunder her butthole as part of the deal. Being a gentleman, Smallcoxxx understands a lady's no means no, but who says no to cash? 

Having only recently discovered the interthingy, he now wants to do the FT (Fuck & Tell) and put it on his webby thing. There are plans for a Butler and a Private Secretary, who could be permanent or constantly changing as he does the Trump on them. It is Gonzo/POV with a mocumentary script.

Find out who says no to Sir Smallcoxx and yes to his cash?

Auditions are easy and you receive a boost on social media as site members like & vote for you on Twitter to be the next Star to take the cash & laugh all the way to the Bonk.

Past & Present

This MILF/GILF profile Cockumentary, details at least 10 years of a performers body of work (pun intended). Any models/performers over 30, with more than 10 years of modelling/performing can request to be featured and get paid for the interview/scene plus you get to share your most memorable scenes & stories, 


A Naked News style Adult Entertainment magazine program is looking for presenters and reporters.

The Mile High Club

An Adult Reality series as we join Bisexual Barbie as she explores, with a lick and a prick ,the sex tourism destinations. Parts available: Barbie, The Driver and guides for each city visited. The series has been delayed due to the current travel restrictions.

There will be more concepts so check back occasionally.

Chat soon and be safe

The Right Honourable Sir Smallcoxxx ESQ

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