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Posted on Wednesday 28th of February 2018
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When I began to do "adult" photograph, it was way back in 2001.  I was armed only with a  Kodak DC280 compact camera, which took a reasonable picture but at 2mpx was (at the time) mid-range in terms of resolution.  Ok for a 6 x 8 print I guess!

I soon acquired my first Canon DSLR a D30 which was fantastic.  Resolution at 5mpx was much better but still at the entry level.   Later I acquired a 20D and later still a 500D, now shooting up to 12mpx.

The resolution of the images was getting better but I was lagging behind in my skills.  I had reverted to the green setting for many shoots and it showed a weakness in my confidence to be bold with the photography.  I had cut my teeth on 35mm photography using a rather basic (but good value) camera body with a couple of Pentax lenses.  The only sophistication on the camera was TTL metering, but beyond that, everything had to be set manually.  I experimented with different film speeds and lighting, but was still really only taking snaps.

With digital, it is not only possible to change the ASA/ISO film speed between shots, the modern cameras come backed with automatic settings for various things, and yet it is really only in fully manual settings that the full potential is reached.

I have no studio, so hence a lot of my photography is undertaken using flash or natural light, and at least I have a demountable and directional flash to help bounce light around to good effect in natural lighting settings.  I have hired a few studios but have usually found the owner to be too snooty about giving hints and suggestions on lighting.  I did find a studio near me with a very helpful owner who was a friend of the model in any case, so he hung around during the shoot to assist with reflectors, lighting suggestions and so on.  However that studio closed.   The very recently I found a studio about an hour from me that some might think is rather basic, but is in fact so well set up that it makes for a very good location to be totally creative with the shoot.

I will patronise that studio a lot now!

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