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Cobham, Surrey, United Kingdom

Fully B i model who is best with Bondage and BDSM as a submissive

My modelling speciality is submissive, bondage and BDSM with all genders and I remain fully certed.
I am fully bi and will, therefore, work with both genders to all levels.

Very proud over the last 2 months have shot videos with three of the greats of the industry; Lacey Starr, Sahara Knite and Carly G in Femdom, CFNM, and forced bi scenes. Very proud of the opportunity.


Now added cross-dressing to my portfolio of work with thanks to Sasha we have created an alter ego - Jenny.

Jenny is cross-dressing, submissive with no sense of propriety or public decency. To make Jenny fully real for the camera will need the help of an MUA. She doesn't know one end of a lipstick from the other, but she does have masks to hide her incompetence.

Profile Photos

All photos are now in albums. I hated that long scroll. I hope you still find what you want.

Anonymity – Not necessarily so!
All the photos here are anonymous.
That isn’t a requirement but here, I have no control of the images. When I know who is taking the photos, their credibility and how the photos will be used then the mask or hood can go (even though I quite like them ?).

My experience
My ‘acting’ experience is all in adult films and more recently my work has been as a submissive in both female and male films with stills taken before and during shooting. Therefore, I am not an experienced photographic model.
Nor, as should be obvious, I am not in my physical prime?. I am no longer a trim and athletic figure. I know my 6 pack is gone although other attributes remain fully functional.
Having said that I am sure a good TOG finds humanity and interest in everybody. Anyone can take a passport photo. Some can take a naked photo of me pretending to be a fashion model (which would be awful) but the challenge is to create some real art and find that silk purse in the proverbial sow’s ear.

And finally ……… Profile Anonymity
Through recent experience, this is no longer final and now needs to be said at the start.
I like to know where and how images of me are used. That means working with great, enthusiastic and principled photographers. When we have that I am more than happy for my face to be shown as I am then proud of the work.
 As we know many of the photos in our profile are searched by non-members and there is no control as they can be copied and reused whatever copyright labels they have.
For total clarity. By the time we have gone through pre-communications, built trust, and then shoot, anonymity will not be an issue.
If it is an issue now, as you choose who to work with, let me know and we will resolve the issue.

What interests me most
I am always interested in any proposition put to me. Some, however, will catch my eye more than others.
I look at TOGs who have an edge in their work showing both art and imagination.
If you can show that you know to handle and embrace bondage and submission, you will find me salivating.
I say that because submitting to bondage and the consequences requires total trust which is the core of my relationship with my fiancee, as we are often apart. And for those who want to know, she is fully aware of what I do and what I am hoping to do and has no issues with this.

Looking for that elusive, one-off photograph
The model is the tool of the photographer and reflects their desires but in the semi-pro world, the model can also have some interest in the finished product.
one day, I would like to leave our shoot with just one or two brilliant hi-res photos which can be blown-up to become a picture on my living room wall. It will be a reminder to Sasha of our love.

Your ambitions
Your ambitions will be far more extensive and that is also fine by me and my limited hopes. I will happily work with other people, both male and female. I will follow your instructions.
My ambition may turn out to be elusive, but I will work to get there.

Location, Location, Location
I cannot shoot from home but for the right photographer, I will travel significant distances. For the wrong photographer, it will be just a few miles?.
I say I want to be tested. I feel to get the best photograph I need to be stressed and by that, I don’t mean anxious. I mean stretched emotionally and physically.
A photographer’s home is fine but please don’t drape me over a work surface or washing machine. I am not a girlie fashion model. It will be a short shoot. A studio, a few props and dark screen are also fine.
Naked outdoors? Now that will bring to the fore and explore all the emotions, just as would a shoot in a dungeon. I am at home in a dungeon as I have shot many a film in them but with that familiarity, comes the trepidation knowing that used properly the props could literally stretch me!

We all need money!
Writing books that no one seems to buy is my time-consuming preoccupation, making films is a second job and my clients pay me and I would pay actors working with me on these.
However, when I am on the other side of the camera it is much more a hobby that sometimes pays.
The challenge of that elusive, one-off photo remains powerful. And so, as a model, I will always be more flexible on the financial arrangements and normally (until I am so much in demand that all my time is taken – yes, very unlikely) TFP is the starting position.

And finally a message from my penis
Hi, I don't know what you want to call me: penis, cock or member and all are fine by me.
Sadly I am every bit as old as my owner and like him, I have seen everything, been in many an unusual place, tied, smacked and trodden all over, and so, just like him, a dropped knicker hardly gives me the same excitement.  
But be sure once thrilled I can display as beautifully as any of those young peacocks but unlike the good old days, my enthusiasm will wax and wane over a couple of hours before always returning to its full splendour.

But, just ask, you never know
Despite my preferences, I will do most of anything if you think I am right for what you want. So, if the need is for a mature, sociable, reliable and well-endowed man, then I can help.

And thanks
Thanks for reading and I hope we can work together soon. Let's make that special piece of art, together.


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