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VirgoVeronica15/10/2023 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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I had the pleasure of shooting with Stefan earlier this month (apologies for the late admin) and for a first shoot I could not have asked for more! Stefan made me feel comfortable and with detailed comms beforehand I felt fully prepared for the shoot. Would not hesitate to work with him again, the quality of his work speaks for itself, definitely recommend! Looking forward to future projects with SWL.

ItsHavoc12/05/2022 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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I really enjoyed working with SWL, we had very similar vision for photographs and worked incredibly well together. not to mention the images from the shoot are absoloutely gorgeous. i very much enjoyed working with him and would definitely like to again as well as highly recommending him to anyone else!

Sal17/12/2021 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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Stefan is a master of not just beautiful photography but even more so instilling calm and ease in his models.
The process was friendly and in a fun and friendly environment. Stefan managed to put me at ease and let me open up even more then I initially had in mind.
Stefan showed me sides of my self through his lens that I never knew existed.
I am very pleased by the results and we are already discussing our next session of creativity.
Especially to all ladies who are nervous – just trust Stefan he is your guy and the results would be amazing!

Lily_Delarosa15/08/2021 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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What a great photographer with an eye for detail. So prepared and everything orchestrated for the time we had, we made many sets and I felt completely safe throughout. What a great location choice. And my favourite sets of photographs thank you so much Lily xx don't forget to add my ref to my new portfolio page xx

This member is online The Barn Studio22/06/2021 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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It was a great pleasure to welcome Stefan to The Barn Studio for the first time, today.
Armed with a comprehensive shoot plan and vision, Stefan and Lily, his lovely model for the day, were soon putting the studio to good use and making the Elinchrom cooling fans in no doubt that they were working for a pro!
Stefan is a friendly and warm-natured guy, very easy to get on with and extremely considerate, always ensuring the studio remained organised and the equipment well cared for. It's always exciting to see how other photographers use different aspects of the studio to bring their ideas to life and I certainly have a new appreciation for the stone wall corner!
I can thoroughly recommend Stefan, a very talented photographer and I look forward to having him in the studio again.

Lily_DeLaRosa22/06/2021 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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Positive- F**ing Glowing review !
SWL is the best your going to get,
Communication - very clear, and no bs, giving me lots of great advice, as a new model to adult.
SWL was very trustworthy, bringing out the my true true personality from the get go,
I was dressed in my first outfit and as travelling to destination
- car shoot was undertaken with exceptional set up,
Location The Barn Studio booked by SWL was amazing,
Time on shoot
Outfits were provided in part for this shoot- along with needed props!
Creativity was off the Charts with SWL being so prepared with everything we needed for the shoot.
Set creation was 100% what I envisioned, and as we shot, the creativity flowed.
This shoot was definitely the first of I hope many more.
SWL is laid back and professional, I am blown away at the photographs we have created, and loved every minute of our time, and hope to shoot again with SWL, he is creatively inspiring and open to merging ideas, and incorporating spontaneous ideas which is amazing,
thank you for capturing me, :) and the happy meal,
Lily xxx

ElusiveUnicorn205/06/2021 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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I thought the first shoot was executed amazingly well for what was 2 strangers. The second shoot was just epic. Mad. Crazy. Fun....
...And as Stefan learnt, I pour my ice as it should be served.

I’m having withdrawal from another amazing shoot. Can’t wait for the next.

From first time to experienced, doesn’t matter, he’ll guide you and you’ll have nothing less than incredible, amazing and arty photos you’ll be proud of.

Thank you ?

Studio_Fifty_Eight26/05/2021 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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So glad Stefan came along to hire the studio today! What a really lovely guy and totally professional. Stefan knows what he's doing with a camera obviously and love his arty approach. Looking forward to see todays work!! Stefan also took the time to show me how to work twitter which has eluded me so far but I totally get it now so many many thanks for that!! Really appreciated. Looking forward to him coming back to use the studio further. Thoroughly recommended photographer!! Thank you Stefan. Regards Andy.

Shelley24/05/2021 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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Stefan is a talented photographer. He captures stunning erotic images. Although this is the genre he’s most known for his use of light would work anywhere. It’s his ‘moody’ black and white photography that attracted my attention.

ElusiveUnicorn2020/04/2021 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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Stef contacted me wondering if I’d be interested in a shoot for an online magazine.

Initially I was nervous because I’ve NEVER done anything like that. I agreed to the shoot but was still nervous, even on the day and he arrived. I asked him whether he was sure he had the right person.
Safe to say I had no reason to be nervous. Stef is an absolute pro and a gentleman. He was prepared with literally EVERYTHING. Nothing was left behind. He directed me very well and the pictures were anything beyond I ever imagined. He literally captured me in ways that I never imagined.

I can’t wait to have the chance to shoot with him again.

I can’t recommend Stef enough.

Thank you for an amazing shoot.

Robyn xx

Riley_Wyte_X24/08/2020 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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I worked with Stephen on Monday and 24/08/20 in Brighton. We talked for a long time before the shoot and discussed lots of ideas, and content we would both like. So easy to talk to, very professional, polite, friendly and funny too, also great props. He gave me the best direction I’ve had on a shoot, very patient and calm. He kindly offered to drive me home as the trains were cancelled. The photos from our shoot are amazing and he captured me in a way I haven’t seen and I love them, thank you. I would recommend in 100% to anyone new or pro

I look forward to working with you again, and arranging a beach shoot

Roxy Lace

LittleKiki12/08/2020 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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An absolutely fantastic photographer to work with! He definitely created a very relaxed, enjoyable and fun environment while shooting. We had such a laugh throughout and I would definitely want to work with him again!

Kiki x

Sasha Bearheart27/02/2020 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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Had such a lovely first shoot with swl and tall clare, they made me feel comfortable and are very talented. And I absolutely love the results!!

Laceyrose3/02/2020 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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I have worked with Stef a few times now and he always delivers awesome results whether it be art nude, erotic or fashion. Stef is a total professional and knows his stuff. He has become a a friend to me over the years I've known him and I just wish we were closer locations so we could shoot together more! A cool guy, lots of ideas and banter, highly recommended x

Marina26/01/2020 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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My third shoot with Stef was very dynamic. Perfect location, superb atmosphere, naughty and very professional at the same time. We had BGG shoot, such a dream team we were :) thanks, Stef, for arranging that great day!

Alastar25/01/2020 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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Had the pleasure of working with SWL on a CFNM photoshoot, together with two female models. A photographer that's great to interact with, easy going and very professional. The shots came out absolute perfection. SWL also sourced the location, which was amazing. Will def work with SWL again on future projects, and would not hesitate to recommend.

PrincessAnna9/01/2020 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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Fantastically talented photographer with a real eye for what an amazing photo is. While the themes are erotic the photos are definitely art not trash; it's no surprise SWL's work is exhibited all over the world. S is also really friendly, chatty and a pleasure to work with. Great fun & great pics.

TallClare8/11/2019 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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Erotic and fetish is where SWL and I excel together, very proud of our work exhibited at the Erotic Art Exhibition 2019.
His lighting and camera techniques are on point. Travels anywhere to shoot indoors or outdoors to shoot content, no ideas are too weird or out there, he has no artistic boundaries, if ideas are going to work as an image he will tell you honestly, helps you achieve it through careful set planning, hard work and a talented eye for detail. Always has a laugh and makes a model feel comfortable.
I don't know where I would be without SWL on my portfolio, perhaps still learning the ropes so to speak, his professional guidance and influence on me as a model who is striving to be better, has driven me to produce edgy erotica and fetish that has a style all of its own, hard to replicate and quite a journey.

Marina16/09/2019 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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I am delighted about today’s photoshoot, it was wonderful experience of working with a Professional and Artist. Absolute love and respect!

SXySassyLassy28/06/2019 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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Working with stef was such an amazing experience from start to finish, the weekends shooting was full of fun and very relaxed I felt totally at ease the entire time. Such an amazing photographer and amazing images I can't wait to work with you again and I cannot recommend highly enough thank you so much !! X

longlens8/06/2019 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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What an immense pleasure it was to finally work with this fantastic photographer. Some amazing ideas and so genuine and willing to share thoughts and ideas. He has so much to teach and such a natural way to impart his knowledge. I look forward to the day that I can meet up with this fellow photographer again.

Billy Whizzz8/06/2019 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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I attended an event organised by SWL, and was very impressed. Excellent photographer with a wealth of knowledge who is always willing to take time to explain. Would certainly recommend as a tutor and also as a thoroughly nice guy.

Miss Kitty X8/06/2019 • Rating: PositiveView photoshoot
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Attended an event at the weekend ran by swl and what a pleasure...great photographer great vision great mentoring...on hand for everyone and we captured some great moments and images over the weekend...highly recommended and cant wait to work together again very soon ...well done ...miss kitty x

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