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I like to think I have a fresh approach to photography. When I left school about 150 years ago I trotted off to the job centre and found myself working for a high street chain of photographers who specialised in “family portraits” my job was to phone up unsuspecting members of the public and tell them they had been specially picked to receive an incredible offer where they could have, x 3 shots for only £14.95. Now the shocker . . . . That bit wasn’t actually true. We just said that to get people through the door. Once they were through it the company I worked for rinsed them, with very few escaping with out first separating from over £500

I hated it. Fortunately most people saw straight through it as soon as I rang them and told me to sod off. The ones who didn’t, when I realised they’d fallen for it I tried to talk out of it. After about 3 months my sales technique was noted. It was also noted that in 12 weeks I’d sold precisely 3 packages so I was shown the door much to my relief.

I waddled off and bought some vinyl and spent the next 15 years working as a full time professional DJ in clubs and bars. Eventually I decided that it was time I got a “proper job” and went and worked in graphic design. I loved it but after 4 years I got a bit bored with being told what to do so I decided to turn my passion into my profession. I haven’t looked back since

Fortunately the chain of photographers I originally worked for has now gone out of business. Incredibly though, without mentioning names, the industry is still very much the same. Great offers to get you through the door, then WHAM, they whack you with the “real” price and before you know it you are off to remortgage the house and sell your children to raise the funds

Some photographers even go so far as to use other people's shots on their flyers and marketing material. I don't do that. Everything you see is my own work. I see very little point in putting a shot up that I haven't taken myself

Working from my small home studio, I am able to utilise that in order to the over all cost reasonable, without having to charge extortionate studio fees

I am on this site looking for models who want to build up and expand their own portfolio.
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