St Ives, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

This site keeps insisting I'm in St Ives in Cornwall, I'm not, theres another St Ives in Cambridgeshire, PE27.

Some important points:

  • 'Professional' isn't an 'experience level', it's enjoyment status, someone could be working as a professional photographer with barely any experience, I've selected 'Professional' because it's my full-time work, my 'experience level' is over 15 years shooting nudes, erotica & shibari full time.
  • I'm not a hobbyist with a disposable income, when I have paid work for models it goes to those I've already worked with and I know can deliver. I applaud models who directly contact photographers looking for work instead of wondering why jobs don't magically appear, but I'm not your next paid gig.
  • I shoot artistic nude, fine-art nude, figure nude, explicit art-erotica, shibari and rope bondage, if you're not reasonably sure you know just what one of those is, I'm unlikely to be interested in shooting you. If you are reasonably experienced in at least one of those things or a novice who's bringing me something I'm particularly interested in seeing then you can ask for a TFp (+ Profit Share) or content share shoot, but the waiting list is usually around three months, (sometimes as long as six months).
  • When it comes to shibari and rope bondage, as-of a decade ago I've been tying people who weren't even born when I started tying, there's a little maths puzzle for you, what fun.


  • Yes I work with boys and girls + trans & any other gender/identity.
  • Yes I do work with models larger than a twiglet.
  • Yes I also work with models over 30 (and over 40, over 50, 60,....)
  • No I'm not interested in your rates, when I have paid work it has a budget, I decide how much of that is going to the model(s), it doesn't matter if you 'normally get paid' more or less than that, that's the budget, that's the job.
  • Yes I'll tie models for your photoshoot.
  • Yes I'll teach you how to tie for your photoshoots.
  • Yes I know it's much harder than it looks to get work as neat and elaborate as mine.
  • Yes I probably have better things to be doing than writing an FAQ no-one will bother reading.

Professional Photographer and Rope Bondage Artist since 2005.
I shoot Shibari & Western Rope Bondage, Artistic Nude, Figure Nude, Fine-Art Nude, Figure Nude & Erotica, mostly for stills, some for video. My work is always artistic in results, no matter how explicit some of it may be in nature, I'm an artist first and foremost.
As a rope bondage artist, I tie for other photographers and videographers for any genre from fashion to porn.


I especially want to hear from:

  • Flexible Female models (gymnast, contortionist, otherwise flexible) for Bondage Project.
  • Male/Female couples for Erotica project.
  • Female/Female couples for Erotica project.
  • Male/Male couples for Erotica project.
  • Indian Female model with formal training in Indian Dance for Artistic Nude project.
  • Pregnant Female model for Artistic Nude project (stages of pregnancy).
  • Slim/fit/muscular Male model for General Bondage (shoots & Video).
  • 'Significantly' endowed Male model for Genital Bondage (shoots & video).
  • Muscular Female model for artistic nude project (bodybuilder type/level).
  • Female models for Bondage Erotica Video (solo and with rigger).
  • Female model with very large natural breasts for breast bondage (photos & video).
  • Female model with very large enhanced/fake breasts for breast bondage (photos & video).

Please remember that all of my photography is always artistic in nature (my video work is either instructional or artistic erotica also). Most of my projects are TFp plus profit share, I always try to make money from my work, but I won't compromise my artistic quality just to shoot porn and make money, artistic works with models makes very little money, I'm not doing this as a hobby with a day-job to finance it, so TFp benefits my models by having artistic photos of the highest quality for their portfolios, plus they get a share of the money we make together. I prefer to work with models who understand and have a passion for art, I know many models are just trying to make a living any way they can, and while I respect that, you're probably not the right model for me.
A big part of my work is people hiring me to (usually) tie & photograph them, this is mostly private individuals but also often models, I have fixed rates I charge for this, but I'm open to negotiate with models who can exchange something I need.

  • Hire me to tie and photograph for private use: £110ph
  • Hire me to tie and photograph for commercial use: £120ph
  • Hire me to tie a model for your shoot: £50ph private use, £100ph commercial shoots,
    (any genre, from catwalk & high fashion through artistic to BDSM pornography).
  • Bondage tuition for photographers: £75ph
  • Bondage Experience (no photography): £100 per hour.
  • Models TFP with Profit Share: no initial payment either way, no expenses.


I'm on Twitter , Instagram , Facefook YouTube , Purpleport , FetLife  & My Website .

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