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Posted on Monday 14th of March 2022
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So, while I was waiting to be approved, I was reading bio's for others. I know, a photographer, who actually reads your bio! Who would believe that! haha.

Corona has taken a bite out of us all. Even in my case, where I've never been confirmed with "the rona". Instead I felt I needed a more career threatening challenge, to have back surgery for what would turn out to be 4 pinched nerves. Photogs, imagine if you will, suddenly one day you have this sharp pain in your lower back. As you're trying to navigate the medical system during a global pandemic, you find out you need surgery. In the delays, I started to fall (fortunately all in the house). I'd literally stand up, take a few steps and my legs would go numb! Yeah, SCARY. Eventually I started to have numbness/tingling in my hands/fingers. To the point I couldn't hold a pen to sign my name. Never mind pick up and operate a camera.

Yep, there was some months in there, I didn't know if it was over for me. It's been a long 2 years for all of us. I don't pretend it's been any harder for me, but as I start to feel a little better every few months (yes, LONG, SLOW, recovery!!). I hope the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train! lol.

To say I'm ready to get back to shoots, see where I'm at, stamina wise. Determine if I can do full shoots. Yea, MORE than ready. Nervous? Yes, absolutely. But I don't get anywhere if I don't find out. 

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