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Capenhurst, Cheshire, United Kingdom

About Myself

Thanks for checking me out! I run a hypnosis themed video site called Entrancement, which is based around seeing attractive ladies reacting in fun ways to a mix of silly, sexy and fetish based suggestions. 

If you're wondering what on earth that entails:  Here's an example on YouTube!

Paid Work

I'm offering paid work to female models interested in starring in hypnosis videos.

In a hypnotic trance, you're much more open to suggestions. You won't do anything totally out of character (rob a bank, work for free, run round naked outside...  well... not unless you're a total exhibitionist.) but you can be compelled to do things that seem fun. Things like...

Silly Suggestions:

  • Forget your name.
  • Find your bum stuck in your seat or your feet to the floor.
  • Become a stereotypical macho man.
  • Develop animal mannerisms (meowing, barking, etc) 

The Fetishy Stuff:

  • Possessed clothing. Shoes that "force" you to dance or gloves with a misbehaving mind of their own. 
  • Find yourself freezing in place from the ground up ending up as a frozen and poseable statue. 
  • Become enchanted by, and unable to look away from a pendant or candle flame. 

The Spicy Stuff: 

  • Become a nudist who refuses to wear clothes one minute. (And finds nudity embarrassing the next.) 
  • Transform into a submissive slave-girl.
  • Music makes you striptease. Any time it stops, you deny doing it and refuse to believe you've taken anything off.

Levels, Look & Audience

Nudity, whilst nice, is NOT required, though this is fetish work for an audience of appreciative kinky types, so please only apply if you're happy with that. 

I'm especially looking for gorgeous intelligent ladies with fun personalities between the ages of 18 and 35 (or thereabouts) that are size 6 to 16. 

I understand this is an odd topic, so it's totally fine if you want to mail me before we book anything to enquire further about the work. It's totally understandable that you'll want to know what you're getting into!

Qualifications / Insurance

  • I'm NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) certified.
  • I have public liability insurance.

TFCD / Part Paid

If you'd like to work with me for creative reasons, to build your portfolio or on a TFCD basis, I'll consider all offers. 


I have a turntable and make these whizzy 360s if you'd like to create any!

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