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Posted on Saturday 21st of October 2023
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As I have just finished discussing and finalizing the arrangements for a booked lingerie, full nude, open leg and my very first Point of view (POV), with somebody else than my husband as the photographer, photoshoot I thought I will share some of my thoughts, views and feelings with you.

I only recently started to take my professional modelling career more serious after my husband and many of our friends insisted that they think I am talented enough and that instead of just modelling every now and then as a hobby because I like it and for fun for fellow artists or amatuer photographers, who needs a nude model to practise and gain experience with for their own private projects, I might as well offer my services as a professional model to photographers and artists who might want to book me for photoshoots or modelling sessions and see where it leads.

I have always been an exhibitionist, but kept my lifestyle a secret from virtually everybody who knows me personally until I decided to try and complete as many of the items on our Exhibitionist Bucket-list, that my husband and I drafted during one of the Covid 19 pandemic lock down periods out of boredom and for fun, as possible. When we drafted the list neither of us actually considered to really attempt to try and experience any of the sexual fantasies we shared with each other in real life, but I could not stop thinking about it or stop myself from going over the list again and again in the weeks that followed. After giving it much thought and taking all the implications into consideration, not just for me but for both of us as a married couple, I decided to approach my husband to see how he would feel about me attempting to tick as many of the items off on the list through real life experiences and turning my/our fantasies into real memories as a once off once in a lifetime project for me.

Needless to say he did not support my idea immediately and we had endless debates over the topic. After weeks of soul searching and debating endless scenarios he finally agreed that I could take on the project if I really wanted to and that he will fully support me. Part of the original requirements to legitimately tick an item off of the list was that the attempt to live out the fantasy in real life must be photo and video documented and the footage and pictures made publicly available online where anybody from anywhere in the World can watch and share in our adventures if they want to.

So by deciding to go ahead with our Bucket-list project and by honoring all the requirements I had too in order to tick an item off of the list it was pointless for me/us to try and keep my exhibitionist lifestyle a secret from the people in our lives any more. I am also an artist and as is the case with many other artists I do not mind human nudity or being seen nude and I am also not offended by human nudity within a sexual scenario or context. Needless to say I have worked around nude models a lot in my life, but as a secret exhibitionist I also modelled nude for other artists and photographers as a favor from time to time if I felt fairly certain nobody who grew up with me or knew me in my personal life would find out. My husband knew about my occasional nude modelling projects from the start of our relationship, but never objected to it and actually supported me and urged me on to model as often as I liked. After we decided that I am going to go ahead with our Bucket-list project we gradually started showing off some of the art pieces and amatuer modelling photos that I posed for to selected friends to test the water. Much to my suprise the response was overwhelmingly positive and we decided to break the news to selected family members, the people who we feared might react negatively or disgusted the most, it was nerve wreaking, but once again to my utter surprise the majority of our families responses and feedback was overwhelmingly positive and supportive. My mother for one is now one of my biggest fans and stand behind me and my choices 100%. I think she secretly wishes she was as brave as me when she was younger and dared to follow her dreams, I inherited my exhibitionist streak from somebody after all!

So taking into account that almost everybody who know us have seen me naked in either my amatuer nude modelling photos or personally in real life, because I started to try and tick some of the items off of our list and they involved me being nude or seen nude by my husbands friends and our collective friends, it was not a difficult decision for me to make and take my nude modelling more seriously and see where it might lead. By making that decision I have actually made it much easier for myself to tick many more items off of our list through my nude modelling experiences.

I continue to dare myself to push my own comfort levels as far as possible with every modelling opportunity I get and I can honestly say I never thought I would be so excited and aroused by all the real life experiences I only fantasized and dreamed about having for most of my life that are now turning into real physical experiences and memories. I never thought that I would be brave enough to openly share photographs and videos of myself completely nude from head to toe or photographed and filmed in sexually explicit positions with anybody. I also only dreamed of being completely nude and exposed in front of so many complete strangers who direct me into the positions they would like to photograph me in and I love the fact that I dare to push my own limits and willingly follow their instructions even when I know they are looking at and studying every detail of my most intimate private parts to their heart's content.

Most importantly to me though is the fact that my husband understands my choices and supports me all the way. He is also my handbrake and I can rely on him to stop me when I might take on something a bit to risky or possibly stupid and dangerous. Although we have a very open sexual relationship we do have one rule that we both honor and that is that we will only have unprotected physical intercourse with one another. I for one do believe that you share a part of your soul with the people you choose to be intimate with in your life and that is something special that I will not share lightly. Which brings me to the decision I have made today by agreeing to pose in my first POV photoshoot ever with a photographer next month.

I was approached by a photographer who is based in the UK and who will be visiting my country during November about us possibly doing a shoot together. By now I have worked with a few photographers in one on one shoots and via remote online shoots and I have enjoyed every single shoot I have had the privilege to be a part of. Although I have posed in some very explicit positions and in sexually explicit positions and settings I have only had to use my dildo and a few other toys on myself and I have not had the opportunity yet to work with another model or models (male and female). As a married couple we have discussed the inevitable situation where it might be required of me to work with other models both male and female in order to create the photographs and content the photographer has in mind.

We agreed together that we would discuss every such booking scenario individually when and if they come across my path. a Couple of months ago a photographer from Eastern Europe also wanted to book a shoot with me during his vacation in our country. Everything he requested from me to model in for him was acceptable to me, it would mostly be full nudity and open leg work that I enjoy, but he was also pretty adamant about shooting some hard POV content. Something I did not even consider doing at that point. As the planning for the shoot proceeded and after I informed him a few times that I am not comfortable with the hard POV content he wanted to create with me I discussed the situation with my husband and decided not to work with the photographer.

It was a bit disappointing to me because one of the items I would like to experience in real life that is also part of my Bucket-List project is to be in part of a sexual encounter with a complete stranger. I was just not ready to consider going all the way yet and if he would have been willing to tone his levels of intimacy down a bit we could have had a great shoot together and both had the resulting content from the shoot. After that failed booking I have had a few more enquiries about possibly doing POV work but nothing was confirmed yet so I did not think to much about it.

I have however discussed the possibility of POV work with my husband and we decided that if we are both comfortable with the entire proposal and setup that I can choose to go as far as I am comfortable with. We both feel similarly about the fact that there is nothing wrong with being sexual with another person as long as both of us is comfortable with the situation and protection is used. My husband will not mind or stop me from interacting sexually with a photographer if it is for the right reasons and what I want to do.

So with that said when the photographer who I have decided to do the shoot with next month requested if I could model in lingerie and for some full nude open leg work I was more than happy to accept, but he also requested if I would be comfortable with some POV scenarios. I was immediately excited about the possibility of finally experiencing my first POV shoot, but I am still not 100% ready for full hard POV content yet. I asked him what he would like from the POV shoot and was immediately asked about very hardcore activities such as anal, full penetration, Blow job etc. I told him that I am unfortunately not ready to shoot POV content as hard as to the levels he requested but that I am willing to pose for implied penetration content and that I will touch and handle his penis, he can also touch and use his mouth on my breast and pussy and he can touch and rub me as well. I also do not mind shots where his cock (with protection) touches me to create the implied content he wants. To finish off the shoot I will get him to cum. He also agreed that my husband accompanies me during the shoot and that he can film behind the scenes video footage of the shoot for my reference and private project that I will share with him. I have no idea what he looks like or what his age is but as long as he is hygienic and clean I do not think there will be any reasons for me not to experience at least part of my sexual fantasy to be involved in a sexual encounter with a complete stranger.

Okay guys thank you for taking the time to read my first blog post and for taking an interest in me and my work I will write more posts as I think of something I would like to share with you.

Please do not hesitate to let me know what your thoughts are on the topic I will love to get some feedback and I do not mind if your views differ from mine I like to hear everybodies opinions even if they are not the same as mine.

XxX Eve 

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