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Posted on Wednesday 27th of October 2021
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... I will stay.

I like my nude body, although its not a typical model one with muscles...but every body has its own beautiness and some ppl like it.

What is possible with my nude body ?

Is one of the question I have - so any photographer is welcome to work together with me on photos and videos.

Also welcome any other model/s [wo/man (hetero, bi, gay), ts, couples (wm, mm, ww), groups for shootings (photo + video)  in the themes of nudity, art, erotic, fetish, bdsm, kinky, cfnm, indoor, outdoor, public etc. - just ask with your ideas.

Basically on TFP + content sharing base (for creating references best), but sure also for selling.

Take a look on one of my 'nude' collages:

See what I mean ?

Now I hope to find ppl in NL + D for get new stuff.


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