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Posted on Saturday 23rd of September 2023
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As photographers we recognize and appreciate the importance of all those who participate in the creation of photography. We recognize that our work could not exist without the contributions of all those who contribute their energy, talent and effort.

We recognize photographers whose skill and creative inspiration transform ideas into visual works of art. We respect their ability to see the uniqueness and beauty in every shot, in every moment. We recognize their mastery of composition, lighting, and technical prowess that gives life to our visual stories.

We elevate models who become living canvases, transferring our ideas and emotions into photographs. We value their natural beauty, expressiveness, and ability to bring our concepts to life. We recognize that their presence and expression shape the mood and emotional power of our work.

We respect makeup artists whose art transforms faces into canvases, highlighting each person's individuality and beauty. We recognize their ability to create ambiance and style, enhancing our message and aesthetic through makeup and hair. We appreciate their creativity and professionalism to help us achieve the perfect look.

We recognize that every team member plays an important role in creating the perfect photograph. We respect photo assistants, stylists, designers and everyone who contributes to make sure every detail is in its place. We value the collective effort that leads to excellence and the achievement of our goals.

We call for fairness and decent pay for the efforts of everyone involved in the process. We reject the notion that creative work should be undervalued or undeservedly rewarded. We recognize that quality and meaningful art requires investment, both material and financial.

We are committed to supporting and promoting fair pay and working conditions for all participants in the creation of photography. We encourage the rest of the industry to work in solidarity and respect for each other's work. We strive to create an environment where every talented and dedicated participant can reach their potential and receive the recognition and rewards they deserve.

We believe that only through mutual respect and support can we reach new heights in photography. We create stories that carry emotion, inspiration and change into the world. We create beautiful and meaningful art that lasts forever.

We appreciate all those involved in the process of creating photography and celebrate their efforts. We create great and inspiring art together.

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