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Wanton Erotica is a distinctive style of narrative and visual erotic art.  It's aim is evoke friendly, sex-positive, explicitly erotic fantasies, based on the free choices, pleasures and preferences of the performing artist.The idea is to capture and celebrate the simple, innocent, altruistic joy of voluntarily arousing and satisfying desire, without being coerced, forced, or bullied into do so – as some other types of porn, unfortunately, tend to emphasise.

If you think Wanton Erotica sounds hot, exciting, and great fun either to do or to watch (or both!) – then congratulations. It sounds like you’re a Wanton!  And that, of course, is meant as a compliment.

And by the way, a wanton, by my definition, can be either female or male, young or old, hot or plain – and in the world of erotic art, performance and sex work, the word "wanton" applies equally to artists, performers and other professionals, and to their fans and followers, customers or clients. Wantonry is an attitude, not an occupation.

WANTON EROTICA can be created in a variety of different styles, at various levels both of physical activity and performance intensity – depending on the model’s own levels and limits.

In terms of PHYSICAL ACTIVITY levels – i.e., the "work levels" you specify in your profile – my intention is to start at the level of solo erotic photography and video.  This is because my initial plan is carry out a series of experimental, "proof of concept" shoots to see how they go and this approach would be easiest.

If we're able not only to create some beautiful content but also monetise it, on a small scale at least, then higher levels are certainly possible, depending on model's own limits and preferences, but I should point out I have my own upper limit too – having no interest at all in active participation in any performance.  No "TogPOV" levels for me; wht other people do is up to them but for me,  it simply isn't something I'd want to do.
PLEASURE INTENSITY levels, however, are about the model's experience – i.e., how much pleasure appear to be having, or better still, actually have, on camera.  Again, models will have their own limits and preferences about this, which should be discussed and agreed beforehand.

There are higher levels here too.  I have recently found that for some people, pleasure-intensity levels during erotic performance can be dramatically increased, by the use of a technique called  "deep roleplay".

Deep ropleplay uses methods of guided imagination to get you deeply immersed in a fantasy role, and to intensifying pleasurable sensations.  It aims to make your performance very natural and convincing, as well as intensely enjoyable, which also adds to the appeal of it.

So, I'm open to working with this method, with anyone keen to try it.


My original name for this profile – BARELY ALIVE! – is the title of a fine-art nude portraiture project I started working on in the Summer of 2021.

It's aim is to produce and sell a series of fine art prints and photobooks, with at least half of the profits going to a number of charities concerned with issues such as sexual health, body image, eating disorders etc. I worked with a number of models at various outdoor locations between August and October – and some of the images I captured are included in my portfolio here, together with some earlier work.

The BARELY ALIVE project will continue in Spring 2022 – but my primary point of contact with models will be my profile on Purpleport, where you'll find a detailed explanation of what its about.  If you don't have a PP account, You can still contact me here about Barely Alive.

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