Protecting yourself and others from getting infected with coronavirus and other sexual diseases

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Posted on Thursday 26th of August 2021
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Disclaimer! The tips I give are based on my own experiences with the virus and has proved to work for me and others I know.   Try at your own risk.  I cannot be held responsible if you suffer adverse effects.  See medical advice if you have any allergies before trying.  

I can give you a tip on how to treat some of the effects caused by the virus with natural antibiotics.   I have been covid free, negative for 8 months now after getting infected with the virus 3 times from 2019 onwards, 6 months after the other in succession.  Garlic is a natural antibiotic.

Take one clove of garlic and slice it into many pieces.    Get a glass of cold water (not to cold) and eat the garlic Raw.   Do not heat it up or cook it or else you will reduce the effects of it's antibiotic properties.   Start off slowly because it will burn your mouth like fire. As the garlic burns, drink down the cold water for a cooling effect. Try and eat the whole garlic clove.  30min later take one table spoon of quality honey.     Repeat this twice a day.   This will help you recover faster and kill lots of the virus in your mouth, throat and lungs. Do not allow this virus to travel down your lungs or else it will kill you with Pneumonia. Pneumonia causes breathlessness due to the lungs getting infected with the virus.  This produces a mucus like substance which clog's the lungs, preventing them from distributing oxygen around the body and this is what kills you. I almost died 6 times of this virus and have learned how to live with it.    I also take 4000Iu of vitamin D everyday .    This help prevent the virus from attaching themselves to the AC-2 receptors of your cells.  Also take Zinc Supplements 30mg.   Zinc helps you to recover from viruses and also give you some protection too (by this I mean a stronger immune system).    This virus is a menace and has crippled my income and have made it challenging for me to plan anything.  Another important thing to do, is purchase some raw Ginger root.    Break of a medium size piece and slice it in many thin 3mm slices.  Place in hot water and boil for 20 min.   Allow to cool and drink.    The ginger should be hot and spicy when drank.  This way you know that it is working.  When ever you are working, before any job, get hold of some CORSODYL mouth wash and gargle for 1 minute.  It is very important for you to get the people you are working with in the same room, to do the same.  An infected person with coronavirus spreads the virus mainly from their mouth and nose.   By gargling with CORSODYL mouth wash you kill tons of the viruses in your mouth, throat and cut down drastically, it's spread to others.   Another important factor of using mouth wash is when performing oral with another model.     By using mouthwash before any blow job you severely reduce your chances of getting any infections. The last important thing is to wash your hands frequently when you have come from public places or contact with another model.    

Stay safe, be conscious of your surroundings and proximity of people you come into contact with.   A local guy to me had difficulty hearing what his friend had to say so he walked up close to him and said "I couldn't hear you, what's up"?  He was only 2 inches from his friend as his friend was shouting down his eardrum in reply, due to a noisy drill from road works.   Days later he had covid,  became seriously ill and died of coronavirus induced Pneumonia.   

Be aware and stay alive.  Don't get caught out like many.   All I can say is when you get infected with this virus, and get a bad dose of it, you will not believe you made it out alive.  You will be emotionally overwhelmed with relief and thank god for your life.   

Hope all models and photographers stay safe


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