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Posted on Wednesday 16th of May 2018
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This blog is an attempt to change the way pro & am adult producers shoot the money shot. (No pun intended.) There must be a better way to finish apart from the frosted face and spunk badly blasted on breasts and other body parts. It has been the bench mark of a studs performance, but has always been shot the same way with the camera looking down on the action. Not very politically correct in 2018.

What if we make a climax exactly that, by some how extending the scene by freezing that moment in time. Wait before you say a freeze frame will not work. What if we had 50 to 100 pictures all of the same instant in time? This Youtube clip Inferno - Bullet Time Camera Array  shows what is possible with fire and fire eaters.  

We have all seen the stop-time-and-track-around-that-moment-in-time effect in Hollywood block busters like the Matrix and in music videos. The effect is created by using multiple cameras circling the action. You basically need 25 cameras per second and you need to have a rigid set up that locks the cameras to shoot the next logical frame in the direction of travel and be able to sync the cameras to shoot at the same frame rate. 

I asked my funders, who love the concept, for £20k to perfect this technique and fund several Bukkake Gangbang shoots, so I could, armed with £10k of Glo Plos attempt to cover the action. The answer was the cheapest oral contraception, known to man. NO. Abso-bloody-not!

After dusting off my dignity, and now motivated by the no, I tracked down a cheap alternative the Insta360. Look at the instruction clip  Insta360's new bullet time feature and you will see why it is a non starter. Seriously, can you imagine as you get to the climax shot whipping out the insta360 swinging it around your head, stimulating your nether regions, grunting and the model not laughing? 

The 50 to 80 camera solution seems to be the solution, but this is an unfunded trial and error quest for the ultimate money shot.I have been thinking about trying the technology out on female ejaculation. My question is, on webcam, how much is real and how much is fake. Ladies are you able to squirt on demand?

The next step, I guess is trying out with water balloons and seeing how effective a single camera flash/strobe rig can be. If this works, then the single camera high frame rate and strobe light, action shot will work. This clip shows how it is done. Behind the Scenes - How to Light & Shoot Water Portraits in a Studio

For those of you interested in this motion capture technique and extending time, may learn a thing or two from these clips.

Making of Bullet Time effect in Escuela Arte Cádiz.

The Ultimate Smartphone Photobooth (bullet-Time)

Bullet time shots by using 50 canon cameras

Models & Studs and everyone else who may be interested in finding a better way to end an adult scene, feel free to have your say.

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