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AdultFolio is a great resource to interact with models and to organise shoots up to adult levels. I've been able to plan shoots with some great models that I otherwise would not have been able to as well as having a portfolio space to showcase my shoots of all levels.

For those who've only used to social media to organise shoots the profile info tab and reference system in sites like AdultFolio help to take some of the guess work out of pre-shoot planning. The in house messaging system has (what I think is) a great feature that warns you if you mention a level the other party hasn't listed as an option when you're writing a message to them. Which helps to stop anyone accidentally level pushing.

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Adutfolio is a great site for Photographers and Models to work together and create stunning work. I would advise any aspiring model to join and work on a platform that is backed by reviews and verification IDs. From amateurs to pros, Adultfolio caters for all.

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