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Baldock, Hertfordshire

I model for the enjoyment of it and to help photographers create amazing images.

Some people in this world are just awesome, way beyond awesome in fact.

They make your heart sing.

You can't help but love them.

They are beautiful, inside and out.

You wish you could tell them so every day.

You think about them all the time and want to tell them all the stupid things you think about.

You miss them and want to tell them how proud you are of them.

You want to kiss them, and make love to them, and fuck them.

You just want them to be the happiest girl in the world, regardless, always and forever.

Ditto, all of the above!

And finally, regardless of circumstances you want them to know you love them still, and will always be there for them if they want, no matter what X

Ditto, again, still, always.

Missing them, in every way, and just to see their beautiful, smiling face again.

Talking To The Moon - I’m there, talking back XXX 

Longing to just hold their hand, and feel their skin on yours, to feel those lips on mine.

So in  love with everything about you. Passionately want to be with you, to talk to you properly, to kiss your lips, your neck, your shoulders..... I miss you, all of you, mentally as well as physically.  You ‘get’ me.

I want to be able to tell you all the things I want to do with you, to you, and then I want to do them!

I miss you, I really want to see your face.  Tell me to stop and I’ll stop, or if you want to see mine too I’ll find a way.  Just give me a sign, either way.

Gutted for you. Don’t waste it though, turn it into a positive, find another and go again, you’ll smash it. You are just Awesome, and I Love you for it, amongst other things!

Wish we could catch up properly. So much I want to say and do.

If you have unburnt excess energy from today, burn some off enjoying the new pictures :) x

Also, a little video for YOU , working from home..... ;)  

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