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Posted on Wednesday 6th of July 2022
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****all names of people involved in this blog will remain confidential ****

I feel its very important to stress this!! Last year I had a situation which left me loosing out on a months worth of work due to a photographer not checking one of his regular models certs! 

The tog in question when I checked his cert was all clear and so was I therefore we did a certed shoot! Two weeks later the same tog came back to me and said he had been diagnosed with an sti and it could either be me or another model who he shoots with on regular occassion! The tog also confessed to me that his regular model had not been sti checked for 5 months! I am super careful with this and test every 3 weeks so I was mortified...! 

I made the responsible decision to cancel all interaction shoots and to take two consecutive tests two weeks apart to ensure I was definitely clear and at least one of the tests fell well outside of the incubation period. Thankfully my tests were negative on both occasions!! 

Please please try to keep the community safe by regular testing and even if you are shooting with the same person regularly please try to remember to urge them to get testing monthly and ensure you check their results...

Safety and respect for peoples health is paramount in this field of work... 

Sorry if my subject matter bothers you but if I can help stop somebody from being in the same situation then I am willing to speak out about it!! Regular testing and open and honest communication is definitely the way forwards ... 

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