I'd cry if it wasn't funny

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Posted on Tuesday 14th of December 2021
Posted by Jonjoe341 comments • Read 197 times • 1 minute read

So December has started off with a bang, literally. After my first shoot in 10 years, I finally found time to transfer the set to my laptop. Great shoot and looking forward to seeing the results and editing the set. Settled down to get to work, plugged camera into laptop, turned camera on and bang / puff of smoke. Open up card section (it's an old camera so the card isn't compatible with todays laptop slots) and find melted card. Absolutely gutted. Hopefully the amazing Spiderplant22 can find some time to fit me in for a second shoot with her so I can replace what I believe were some amazing shots. Still, welded in place card means a new camera at least. So I suppose theirs a bright side. And of course I hopefully get to work with the amazing Spiderplant22 again. Definitely looking forward to that.

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