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Exeter, Devon

?In other words, if you demand a deposit in case I No Show you will pay me the same sum if you No Show. Simply returning the deposit is not sufficient. You will return double. If you do not contract for this, no shoot.

A boring old fart who is heavily into serious arty stuff. I can bore the pants off you!
Mostly into stills for collectors but starting to do ARTY video. Not into porn as such but a lot of my output is best suited to models who are comfortable with porn. I fully understand and accept that you may have no interest at all in how arty-farty clever I am. Similarly I do not care that you don't care. More than happy to chat about the weather or politics or pop music while we shoot. Anonymity is fine but you might be published. Be aware of that. If you want to be anonymous I will make sure you are. I am very amenable to co-operation.

I have a reputation as a trustworthy, nice guy and I am very keen to keep it! I have references on Purple Port, Net Model and AIR. I have not killed and eaten a model for absolutely ages. Honest! Not since I promised the judge.

I am very experienced with novice models. So if you are new or if you want to try something for the first time, I will be gentle with you. For first-time attempts at a new level, I am happy to embargo the images, pending your approval. I am also happy to agree that you can change your mind at any time during the shoot. I will hold the whole thing as confidential and will never tell other people what went on at the shoot. That is only for you to do. So if you are unsure and want to try something new. I may be your best bet.

Also known as a bondage master and into medical fetish and bandage bondage. Also the owner of two Violet Wands and other electrickery. With genuine volunteers ONLY, I indulge in needle play. I take fetish very seriously, putting on a PVC frock does not make you a fetish model. Being a model who is on the fetish scene and who understands fetish, makes you a fetish model. Be sensible about the fact that it is very difficult to shoot good fetish photographs without an element of fetish play during the shoot. Agreement must be sorted before we start and will be honoured. See rules below.

Anyone who wants to understand more about fetish and would appreciate some guidance is welcome to ask me questions.

For those who understand the terms I do suspension and hook suspension. If you do not know what I mean by that, then you may be less interested.

I am on FetLife as JeromeRazoir. Happy to get friend requests.


1. No one does ANYTHING they are not completely happy to do.
2. You are required to say no if that is what you want to say.
3. I am allowed to ask.
4. I am not allowed to sulk.
5. I have a sense of humour and you have to put up with it!
6. Any model who arrives for a shoot drunk will be sent away unpaid and without travel expenses.

It says in my work-types that I only shoot female models. That may be variable with some B/G shoots! Dur!

For Clarity:
I shoot some POV. This is not an easy way for an old fart to get a cheap fuck. Indeed I do not expect to fuck you or to get a blow job. I shoot what I define as hard POV but some models have defined as soft POV as I find it almost impossible to direct a male model to give exactly the angles and positions I need for a good shot. As little as a quarter of an inch can mean the difference between a great image and a poor one. It is all about the light and the shadows. What I DO do is masturbate the model with my hands, fingers and toys. I do not require the model to act that she is having a great time (I am not daft) but see it as a bonus if she does enjoy it. Neither do I pretend that I do not enjoy it. Of course I do but the main point is the photographs, not me getting a thrill.

I believe that POV is much abused on AF, with some (so called) photographers only on here so they can get POV and a few trophy shots. That is not what AF is all about and it is certainly not what I am all about.

If a model does not want to shoot POV with me, that is fine and it will make no difference whatever to my desire to shoot her in other styles.

I am all about the photographs. Not all about copping a feel.


Upcoming Castings
Art Nude, Adult Or Semi Nude.with Real Lif Scars And Marks.
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Located in Exeter, Exeter

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