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Posted on Sunday 2nd of July 2023
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According to the Collins dictionary erotica means "works of art that show or describe sexual activity, and which are intended to arouse sexual feelings". In other words everything that we are all involved in either as participants or recorders. The whole purpose of this site is to produce images or video that arouses sexual feelings albeit at or during the shoot by the models or photographers or afterwards by observers.

But something that turns on one person may offend or disgust somebody else. I am a firm believer that everybody has a secret fetish, something sexually arousing that they keep quiet about. Even the most prudish of society have dark wanton desires. 

A lot of people live their lives hiding these desires, growing old having never fulfilled them. To me that seems such a waste. 

My photography is all about sharing and experiencing these hidden desires. Hopefully the pictures will arouse you enough to help you take the first steps to fulfilling your own desires and wants. Maybe as a photographer or participant you may wish me to be a part of that process.  After all it isn't just the photographer who enjoys the sexual fantasies the medium allows. Models too get to act out their darkest dreams in safety. 

So erotica is really about turning other people on. It is not taboo nor anything to be ashamed of. It is a wonderful thing and long may we continue to produce such work.

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