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About me
I am a mature student studying architecture and the arts. I am working to expand and develop my creative portfolio.

Currently my photographic portfolio consists mainly of images of buildings and reportage type street and fashion images. With a keen interest in developing my creative flair and using photography to capture this, I seek to work with models who are able to offer anything that may be considered artistic, extrovert, creative or possibly even down right weird or unusual…

I am interested in most areas of photography and am looking to shoot both outside on location or in a studio. If shooting outside, I aim to use venues offering either water, forestry or I am particularly keen to use abandoned or derelict buildings which may offer added interest or context to the images.

I am happy to travel in order to work with the right model, or at the best location.

How old do models have to be?
I am happy to work with any model over the age of 16, however, any model under the age of 18 will be required to bring a chaperone with them, who themselves must be 18 or older, and be able to prove it (Drivers Licence or Passport only). In this scenario, I am only willing to shoot fashion-based levels. There will be absolutely no nudity or adult themes (actual or implied), even if fully clothed.

Models over the age of 18, must be able to prove it if it’s not obvious! If there is any doubt around your age, then I will not continue with the shoot and you will not get paid. Suitable forms of ID are a passport or Driving Licence

What sort of models am I looking for?
I would particularly like to work with intelligent, hard-working models that can also inject their own creativity, some humour and a sense of fun into the shoot. I firmly believe that if we are both enjoying ourselves and the banter is free flowing, that we will both be more relaxed and that we will get the images that we aspire to.

What about levels and personal space?
All levels will be discussed, agreed and confirmed in writing by email prior to the shoot taking place. During the shoot, I will not touch you unless you specifically request help, for example with a zip or the pre-agreed levels require it. If you have a chaperone, then my preference would be for them to assist you in this capacity.

Who owns the rights to the images and what about GDPR?
Any model or chaperone will be required to sign a model release form which will detail how I may use the images that we create and how I will look after your personal information. You will be provided with a link following the shoot so that you can access high resolution copies of all images created, which you may use in any way that you wish. You will also be issued with a print release which gives you permission to use any images you are supplied for your folio, social media, self promotion & commercial use. I would however ask that you credit me with having taken the image.

What about outfits, makeup and props?
I will be able to supply props for any given theme of shoot however, I would also encourage you to suggest or bring with you anything that you feel may enhance the creativity of our images. Regretfully, I am not in a position to provide any clothing or makeup (unless this has been discussed as the purpose of the shoot) and so, will be relying on you to do this, after all, you know what makes you look your best..!

Bringing (friends or) chaperones…
I am happy for you to bring a friend or a chaperone with you to the shoot and insist on it where a model is under the age of eighteen however, there are a few things which must be borne in mind for this to work: Boyfriends do not generally make good chaperone’s as they tend to get bored and crave attention. Remember that my role is to photograph the model and produce amazing imagery that we are both delighted with, not to entertain or educate her chaperone.

o Details of any chaperone must be discussed and agreed prior to the day of the shoot.
o Anybody accompanying you must be over eighteen years of age and able to prove it with genuine photographic ID. Passport or Driving Licence only.
o The chaperone will also be required to sign a model release and GDPR form.
o The chaperone must be quiet and orderly, and not interfere with the shoot or equipment.
o The chaperone must not attempt to direct or interfere with the model.
o All mobile electronic devices must be switched off whilst in the studio area. Mobiles ringing or buzzing, tapping of screens and/or keys etc. can be very distracting.
o If the chaperone becomes bored or restless, then (s)he must take him/herself for a walk or a drive and return later in order to avoid disrupting the shoot or distracting the model.
o I cannot pay your chaperone’s expenses.
o There is currently no third party access to the internet in my studio.
o I do not lend computers, cameras or any other equipment in order to keep the chaperone entertained during the shoot.
o I do not provide free photography tuition to chaperones during the shoot.
o Smoking and vaping is not permitted inside at any time and a shoot will not be delayed whilst a chaperone ‘nips out for a smoke’.

I reserve the right to terminate a shoot immediately if a chaperone becomes restless, demanding, interfering or disruptive.

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