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I'm a Professional Photographer/Videographer who has a passion for shooting Videos/Stills of Art nude & Adult. My passion is shooting the Female Figure, clothed, nude Adult & Adult XXX.    I fully respect all the models I shoot with and their boundaries of posing.  My Objective is to Shoot videos & stills of a model in the most artistic, erotic & creative way.  I also want to show (what ever model I work with), in the best light.     I have around 30 years plus photographic experience & 10 years videography experience to the year 2021.  looking forward to working with many models on this sight.    During a shoot I would ask my models to restrict the use of their mobile phones.   I do find it based on experience, models are not as focused on the shoot, (in the same way using a phone while driving, lessens your focus on the driving task) when they are constantly on their mobile phones compared to not using it during a shoot.  Only during lunch breaks one can use their mobile unless it's a emergency.   I have had models use their mobile phones after every take on a shoot.  After the shoot I realised how much distraction this caused, which makes the model not as focused as they should be.  So lets say there are 14 takes in one hour and the model uses their mobile phone each time.  Can you now imagine for an 8 hour shoot with many takes, the distraction this causes and shooting time lost.  If a model is using their mobile phone that much, they are not really on the job and I will cancel the shoot immediately.  Another important thing is pre shoot communication.  With  some models, it is quite difficult to communicate with them to plan a shoot once it is booked.   If I feel there is lack of communication before a shoot I will cancel the shoot.   Communication is necessary before a shoot especially if long distance travel is involved, discussing wardrobe, shoot style etc.  Some models don't respond and take their time, making it extremely difficult to arrange a shoot.  The way I see it is, if a model is interested in shooting, they will communicate with you efficiently.   All I want to do is hire a model, her to perform professionally, shoot with the model, get great results and pay the model fee.    My Objective is to produce great proffessional looking results of which I can use and also attract more £££££££ work the model's way.  

I have other references that can be found on my Purpleport profile, on this link

Although I shoot to much higher levels, I have examples of my art nude video work on Vimeo

Showing my camera operating skills

When I work with my camera, it becomes invisible to me, with every control falling where it should be without me having to think about it.  I focus manually always and control exposure manually.  I like to be in control of my camera.  If your camera gets in your way, BIN IT! 

Now the Covid-19 bit.  Please note that if any model that I have booked for a shoot, turns up to the shoot with a cough, sneeze or fever symptoms, I will not shoot, will cancel immediately and not be liable for the model fee or travel expenses.  If you have any of these symptoms let me know in advance and the shoot can be arranged for another time.  Please understand my concerns during this current climate. 


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