Managing Your Account

Blocking a Member
You can block a member by going to their profile > More > BlockThe block operates as a two-way block, so the person you block will not be able
Unblocking a Member
You can unblock a member by going to Home > Settings > Privacy Settings. There, you'll be able to see a list of any members you've blocked, and be able
Deleting Your Account
If you wish to leave the platform, you can do so by going to Home > Settings > Deactivate > Permanently Delete AccountBefore you delete your account, please ensure you've
Deactivating Your Account
If you'd like to take a little break from the platform, but don't want to lose your messages, profile or other information, then you can deactivate your profile.This hides all
Account Privacy
You can choose whether to have your profile visible to everyone, or to members only.You can do this by going to Home > Settings > Privacy
Changing Username
You can change your username by going to Home > Settings > Username SettingsYou can only change your username once every 14 days.
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