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Kings Lynn, Norfolk, United Kingdom

I am a Photographer/Studio Owner based in Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

I do tour if I can find the right model/two or three in the area to make the trip and possible hotel viable (Looking for models willing to go onto studio registry so don't be offended if I say no)

Open to most shoot styles and can offer content share we can discuss any ideas that you may have for content sharing 

I had a male miss-behaving himself on a shoot once so don’t offer BG I had to step in to protect the female model 

Note/ I do not give out all unedited photo’s taken during the shoot. Please don’t ask, content share is that you see photos on camera, choose which you like (amount of photos negotiable) I edit and send to you.I am the legal owner after all.

Don’t expect full model rate and all the unedited photos from the shoot (Never done). Model release has to be signed stating you will reference me when posting.And where any images will be re-posted.

I do not allow Posting on PP (Ongoing argument with Site Owner), I can see if images are posted there and will demand that they are taken down or court proceedings will go ahead, breaking of Copyright, and model agreement, all images have imbedded copyright


Sorry not available for male models to hire me or book studio.

You must fill  in a model release form

Please Remember  the photographer owns  the rights on all images I need to be informed where images are being posted and referenced 

Rates please contact me with following information 

1) Contact for rates of either Myself shooting at your location (Photo I’d from both) for security reasons

2) Studio shoot

3) Levels required


(Please don't be offended if I say no, has to benefit both our profiles)

There we collaborate and work on ideas together. A much larger amount of images will be edited and given as long as you sign a model request stating that you reference me as the photographer either on here or instagram. TFP will only be from fashion to implied nude level (nothing showing) unless you request higher levels. Totally up to the model

I have a following of around 66,000 on instagram under my studio name. This is only up to implied nude but if you are interested can post levels from portrait to implied nude and can if you wish link you if you have a page there

Will shoot with Nikon Z7 and iPhone 12 pro (surprisingly good quality), go pro remote control. Normally 3-4 on iPhone so can post as shoot in progress. Go pro to record whole shoot if requested 

Please look at my shoot levels available and when mailing just let me know which interest you. If during the shoot you want to select extra levels, your choice I will not ask

For security reasons don’t mind a chaperone ( Not a male ) if first shoot with me but would require a photo Id before shoot commencement of the chaperone for obvious reasons.

I can provide one also if required so you are not confident if alone with me for a first shoot 

I guess some are getting to know me now so can't hide instagram anymore, was leaked. So might as well post it here. Only post up to Implied nude there

for 2022

Studio has now reopened 

Has a shower room and small kitchen and can in a bed settee if any touring models need a place to stay. All self contained but welcome to join in private wing also. Lock on door to main house . Games room with pool table that is where the lounge bed would be/kitchen/shower toilet room and main studio. Also very large workshop for industrial type shoots with brick walls. Going to convert that into another living area or studio as well. So busy time ahead. Good job I suffer from insomnia and a workaholic, have a separate bedroom in private wing and share with my German Shepard pup Flash he likes everyone will not lock him away but will take him out of way

if any photographers require assistance I will help otherwise within shouting distance for models security 

Two further bedrooms are available, but no male guests allowed

Studio expects 15% of model fees for use of all facilities and B&B (no hotel expenses) for touring models

If we do some photos for studio promotion if time permits then studio fee reduced to 10%

Tea/coffee and snacks provided during shoot please let me know diet options. Large area to park off road all safe and secure 

Touring models who don’t drive, I can pick up/drop off to Kings lynn rail station

If you have negative refs I will need to know why

If in doubt contact me

Upcoming Castings
Lady Godiva Or Huntress
photographer looking for model • TFP
Located in Kings Lynn

Posted 2021-11-26T05:57:10+00:00Apply
Test Shoot For Casting Events At Studio
photographer looking for model • TFP
Located in Kings Lynn, Kings Lynn

Posted 2022-01-16T20:50:30+00:00Apply
Free Slots Next Week At Studio
photographer looking for model • photographer paying model
Located in Kings Lynn

Posted 2022-01-05T06:43:40+00:00Apply
New Car Added To Studio
photographer looking for model • Content Share
Located in Kings Lynn, Kings Lynn

Posted 2022-01-09T02:35:00+00:00Apply
Studio Available Today And Tomorrow Due To Cancellations
photographer looking for model • TFP
Located in Kings Lynn

Posted 2022-01-17T10:21:13+00:00Apply
Test Shot To See If Ok For New Model For GG and BGG
photographer looking for model • photographer paying model
Located in Kings Lynn, Kings Lynn

Posted 2022-01-20T08:32:38+00:00Apply
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