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About the Sigma Sd15

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The Sigma SD15 is an updated version of Sigma SD14 DSLR produced by the Sigma Corporation of Japan and featuring the improved TRUE II image processing engine, but with the same image sensor as its predecessor. As such, the SD15 features the 4.7 MP Foveon X3 sensor. After having showcased the camera in photokina 2008 and officially introduced during PMA 2010, it finally began shipping in June 2010. It is Sigma's fourth DSLR since the SD9 from 2002.
There is some dispute over the 15.0 MP claim made by Sigma, resulting from the major differences between the industry standard Bayer sensor used in all other digital cameras, and the Foveon X3 full-color image sensor used almost exclusively in Sigma cameras. Since the Foveon sensor captures images via a three-layer red, green, blue silicone array similar to the three-layer technology used in Technicolor film, rather than the single-layer color interpolation method used by Bayer sensors, Sigma and Foveon count each RGB layer separately, so 4.7 MP times 3 translates to their 15.0 MP claims.

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